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User Info: ashphoenix77

7 years ago#1
tried to get into this game..but after playing for one day..I felt...weak. Im a friggin super hero and thugs kill me? lack of special moves like in web of shadows killed this game for me. its ashame since the GFX are 1005 better. and the life of the city is more imersive.
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User Info: Wonko_the_Sane9

7 years ago#2
And it only gets worse later on too when the enemies gets even harder.

Its a gorgeous game and webslinging thru the city is fun but yea the combat is awful.

User Info: james605

7 years ago#3
I found this game awesome, the missions were fun and so were the bosses, it was a bit boring at first, but after you got into it, it is actually awesome.

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