Why aren't there any good token guides?

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  3. Why aren't there any good token guides?

User Info: Darkrikku579

7 years ago#1
I mean really?
I found some crappy maps on google but there is no decent guide out there.
No good video guide or a good map/picture guide.
The maps that are online are inaccurate and they reveal everything including things that aren't even tokens.
The game has been out for like a few years now and nobody ever thought of making a token guide that just shows you only the tokens on the map, and when you click on one of them you get a clear picture with it to help you out even more.

They did it with Prototype so why didn't they do it with this game?

Anyway if anyone of you has found a good guide(which i doubt) then could you please inform me about it.
I have looked everywhere and i can't find one.
The only thing i found was a guide that was taken down which was supposely very good and a map i found on google that had everything on it and not just the tokens.
+ the map wasn't very clear.
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  3. Why aren't there any good token guides?

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