Someone please spoil the story for me.

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User Info: obake25

9 years ago#1
I'm not going to play this game because it's incredibly bad. The driving is good as always but the lack of cars in the road and the absolute stupidity of the cop cars makes the game unplayable to me.
This game is worse than Driver 3 and that's hard to accomplish.

Even the storyline is one of the worst ever conceived.
"Hey, there's a hot chick. I'll just do some missions to impress her father."
Are you serious? Playing a Driver game to impress a mob boss to get it with her daughter is an insult to the Driver legacy.

But anyway, I'm curious as to how the story turns out eventually. I'm guessing he does some missions, gets a rival of some sort but ultimately he gets "the prize".
Is there anything interesting in the story like a Slink betrayal or something like that, and is the end open to a sequel to this story?

User Info: kaheljustpaul

9 years ago#2
the story is really simple. you just said the ending :D he gets the girl *nod* and thats basically it :D well the only thing i like with this game is the DRIVING... compare to GTA... driving cars in GTA is really not that exciting. GTA is to crowded... in my opinion only. here its to OPEN, less civilians (w/c sucks) but really BIG city to rome. and you can only ride and drive LAND automobiles. no choppers^^; it wouldnt be "DRIVER" if you'd be riding a chopper. wehehehe. still nice game.
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  3. Someone please spoil the story for me.

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