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User Info: nunuu

9 years ago#1
Since there isn't much going on on this board ...

Hey, does anyone notice that the game title is actually written as DJMax Portable and not DJ Max Portable? :O

Does it really matter? Well, it sort of does when you're searching for DJMax on Google as the order of the results change depending on whether or not there's a space between DJ and Max.

Should you/do you care? Probably not. :D

User Info: hiloster12

9 years ago#2
well if you put DJ Max on Google then you'll get the results for DJMax as well
currently playing: DJMAX1&2, FF1&2&7&9, FIFA08, LOZ: Minish Cap, Advance Wars 1&2, Kirby NiD, and Star Wars BF2&BFRS; all 4 PSP

User Info: Ravineux

9 years ago#3
^Yep. I think the correct way is to say DJ Max. The PC version uses DJMax.
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