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User Info: Ravineux

9 years ago#1
does GameSpot change the game name from DJ Max Portable into DJ Max Fever? They are separate games after all, and deserve two different boards.

User Info: leehg5925

9 years ago#2
i saw dj max portable and this board just now? O_o??

User Info: leehg5925

9 years ago#3
oh, joined board. man that was uhm... conservative of gamefaqs. <.<

User Info: hiloster12

9 years ago#4
well we dont end up with any real discussion here anyway
but maybe the new game will researge this board :D
of course this could end up being that forgoten import game of the past that was for PSP... oh wait it already pretty much is.
currently playing: DJMAX1&2, FF1&2&7&9, FIFA08, LOZ: Minish Cap, Advance Wars 1&2, Kirby NiD, and Star Wars BF2&BFRS; all 4 PSP

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