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User Info: leonheart_1

9 years ago#1
Anyone have formulas for getting the discs, especially the 10% ruby, 77% lucky, 66% route, 1-49% plastic discs?

User Info: hiloster12

9 years ago#2
well for lucky you need to play the song ok not well kinda like you normally can 100 percent then get really distracted, or if you switch to easy difficulty its easier if you just mash majority of the song to get close to a lucky disc, and then just tweak it till you can get 77.7%
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User Info: Ravineux

9 years ago#3

Hiloster is talking about the disc in DJMP2, but this is "1".
For lucky disc: really just get lucky. If you play enough, then you'll eventually get it. It's not hard.
Plastic: Easy. Do bad. Like on Hamsin MX.
The other discs I am also wondering how to get them. Especially Ruby......

User Info: hiloster12

9 years ago#4
oh whoops wrong game... sry dude
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I can easily do calculations for the Discs, so figuring them out isn't a problem. Doing some of them can be a real pain though, especially the Ruby. I remember that Light House 4K was the easist song for that one (since it's really easy to hit 1%s there).

If you want, I can post the exact # of notes you need to hit at what % to get the discs. I just need to look up the note totals somewhere and do a little math.
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