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  3. Can't install M2TW due to previous uninstall error

User Info: shane32Ei

10 years ago#1
I went to install M2TW other day after having uninstalled it months ago, It told me my PC already had 1.03 M2TW installed and was a newer version and I was to exit setup. I messed around but it just won't let me install. I done control panel add/remove but when i go to unistall M2TW(which is 9mb obviously it didnt uninstall proper last time) The setup wont load and I cant uninstall what is there, i searched progam files and my documents and not a trace of my old M2TW installation.

Im went into safe mode and searched for it but just cant find anything, do i need to regedit and delete any sega/M2TW entries ow what?

Its driving me mad, as Im gagging to play it, but cant install the damn thing.


(FYI I have XP)

User Info: Nickaw

10 years ago#2
2 things you can try.

1 Go to Program Files and delete the entire Sega folder. Then reinstall.

2.Put the disk in the drive, and go to My Computer. Right click on the E: drive and select open. From there, double click on setup.exe, and use that to uninstall it. Then reinstall.

Number 2 is what I did to fix Oblivion when it messed up on me. Try #2 if deleting the folder doesn't work.
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User Info: ziegd

10 years ago#3
If it's saying you already have 1.03 installed, then I'm guessing there's a remnant of the 1.03 patch somewhere on your machine. Try doing a key-word file search of your HD and find it, then delete it.

User Info: Lonelynight

10 years ago#4
If all else fails, reformat your PC
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  3. Can't install M2TW due to previous uninstall error
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