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User Info: goldfishsuicide

8 years ago#1
Had this game for a while and got stuck on one mission (You damn dirty asteriods) and then quit playing. Started playing it again a few days ago and am well on my way to getting all the achievements for it, but the ones that I think will be the hardest will be the four online ones. I went online today and I think I was the only one who was online playing it when I did. Would like to get them legit, and if I had of played it more back when it came out I might have been able to, but at this point I'm all for cheating to get them. Anyone else need them, or want to help me get them?

My GT is TrailerPark Boy. I'm expecting a call for a job interview during the next couple days so depending on when I get it I may not be available until the evenings, (I'm in Quebec, so whatever timezone that is) and I would appreciate the help. Add me as a friend and send me a message and we can work out when the best time would be. Loving this game now that I'm getting back into it and would like to get 1000/1000.

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