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User Info: lostcali8

12 years ago#1

Hows the game? Just popped up on the PS store and it looks interesting. Anybody have an opinion?

Is it worth the download?

User Info: foolio_67

12 years ago#2
I came here as well because I saw it on the store and was wondering the same thing, but I can't answer your quesiton. Although the GS review makes it seem like it is not worth it.

User Info: Cappuccin0

12 years ago#3
I'd say, it's pretty decent, especially for Trek lovers. Infinetely superior to the DS version, too. The only thing I didn't dig too much, is that it's based just on the original series. So not much ship variety there... and felt kinda weird to battle the Klingon all over again.

User Info: d-lysergic_acid

12 years ago#4

well, i'm not a trekkie. far from it actually, as i've always been turned off by the Star Trek TV series although i love sci-fi in general.

what initially attracted me to this game was its tactical elements. i've always enjoyed strategy games and games with a tactical component. and while i'm not that far into the game, i've found it to be very captivating and fun so far. so much so that i've even started taking an interest in the TV show (watching the first season of TNG right now).

it's still too early to say about the story, but i have been gradually learning more and more about the Star Trek universe as i play the game (not through the game directly, but rather from looking up things like "photon torpedos" or "vulcans" on Wikipedia myself as i encounter them in the game).

i think the game definitely has a lot of potential. perhaps it would have been better if they ported Star Trek Armada directly over to the PSP as i hear this game is a less robust version of it, but i'm having lots of fun with it, and i hope they come out with a sequel to expand on the concept.

User Info: F1racerjb

12 years ago#5
Great portable 'Trek if you like the show and movies. GS should have given it a better score

User Info: Locomoco01

12 years ago#6
I agree. It's a pretty nice game although the story section is pretty short. If you wanna zone out in front of the tv while playing skirmish mode, that's probably the best reason to get this game. The ships move and behave like star trek ships IMO, you don't feel like it's some kind of fast paced battle between tiny starfighters but between capital ships.

Although the smaller ships are expectedly faster than the bigger ships. It's really cool when you're in the bird of prey and you strafe something like the federation dreadnought, you really get the sense of size as you fly along its length.

User Info: Cappuccin0

12 years ago#7
As lysergic says, it's a fine game, but could've been a lot better. Specially on the PSP... the little guy has a lot of raw power that wasn't quite used here. As a matter of fact, after playing this, I got a very cheap copy of Bridge Commander (A relatively old PC Trek game) and by playing that, I realized how cool a Trek game can be.

I think there's very little chances for a new PSP Trek game to appear, but I'll hope for the best :D
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