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User Info: thepunchline

9 years ago#1
for hard mode do i have to do the primary quests again? or just the missions?
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User Info: Shadow1975

9 years ago#2
To get access to Hard Mode, the ONLY thing you need is to beat the final mission of the campaign. For Factions that is Imperial Sanctum, Prophecies it is Hell's Precipice, and Nightfall it is Abaddon's Gate.
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
9 years ago#3
Also, only one character on the account needs to do this. Once they do, any Level 20 on the account can enter Hard Mode in the correct area.
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User Info: Emperor_Sanada

9 years ago#4
Once you have gotten HM for a campaigm(if thats what you mean), you do not have to redo the primary quests, neither can you repeat them for that character. Also HM that is finished for that one campaign is unlocked for any lvl 20 PvE toon regardless if they didn't finish the end game mission.
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