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User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#31
You missed the OOA page it's self!

We have some art work. Borrowed from OR2006, but it still looks awesome. :)


There is also a link to a new OOA forum. Not much going on....

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User Info: wesker252

12 years ago#32

@ Shadow:

Which parts of the FightStick are you intending to modify? The buttons, the stick or both?

@ Model3:

You can pretty much find the OST for SFIV and the anime online. The only things you'll miss out on if you get the regular version of SFIV is the figurine(s), Ryu(PS3) or C.Viper(Xbox 360), the "Brawler" costume pack which concerns Abel, Rufus, Zangief, E.Honda and El Fuerte, and also a mini strategy guide for the 4 new characters................Totally upto you bro :)

Back to the original subject, I wonder why OOA isn't getting a release Japan? Seems a pretty strange move to me...........
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User Info: shadow788

12 years ago#33

just the stick at the minute and when the fighsticks are re-stocked then ill do the buttons as well, im a bit more wary of the buttons rather than the stick cuz of the quick disconnects, they look a bit flimsy to be honest :D

User Info: model3

12 years ago#34
thanks wesker. so all the extras I can just buy separately if i want? that brawler pack is DLC right?

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User Info: ShiggsThe3RDMiX

12 years ago#35
model, you're reading too much into this. I don't think the order has anything to do with the release date. It will be released soon enough.
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