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User Info: model3

12 years ago#21
mario kart ripped off power drift?

i did not know. that u for that info! (now i can go and rile my mario kart loving friends.)

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User Info: VirtuaRacing

12 years ago#22

Your topic was deleted about the vid's. Check the XBOX 360 OutRun Online arcade forum. There is a topic named - "OutRun Online Arcade - Menu Screens." all about it. I did reply to your original but its gone...
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User Info: Outrun2SP

12 years ago#23

Power Drift was the first Kart type racer, but most people beleive Mario Kart was the first Kart style racer and Starfox was the first rail shooter. :lol:

User Info: Noobsaibot_21

12 years ago#24
This happened to me too with my Megadrive 4 topic - Daft. We need a real OutRun board, free of the shackles of moderators.

I love OutRun 2006.
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