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User Info: model3

10 years ago#11
that is what I like to hear Sol!

i'm glad you are working on a top-secret project. = )
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User Info: model3

10 years ago#12
some bad corporate Sega news


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User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#13

this very, very sad news should of been a new topic!

I pray all is well with OutRun Online Arcade!! :(
We need this game, I need it... Life would not be the same without this extended beautiful journey!

Sumo could be stung hard adding VT2009 to this years catalog of Sega-ness. :(

Fingers Crossed Sega can see that being this close to release dates its more important than ever to get things rolling and questions things later in the future.

One other thing, the Grim Reaper has been catching up with arcade amusements for the last 10 years. Sega's efforts with OutRun, Virtua Fighter, Indital D ect.. has kept that very small flame alive. The day could be apon us when that flame is put out! :(

Even Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is on the list! :(

Treasure your Sega goodies even more so now than you might of thought yesterday!
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User Info: ShiggsThe3RDMiX

10 years ago#14
This news is disheartening, but expected. Gamers today just aren't like us. They don't put their money into quality games or even into any event that puts them in the same room together. Multiplayer on the same machine and I have to pay 50 cents to play? Blasphemy! *sigh* May Sega see the benefits of the new technology and take advantage of XBLA/PSN.

I wouldn't worry about any of those titles listed. The article doesn't say that any games would be canceled. Even if that were the case, half of those, including OutRun Online Arcade, are so close to finished that it would hurt Sega not to release them.
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User Info: Noobsaibot_21

10 years ago#15
This is bad news. Hopefully the likes of OutRun etc... will do well as DLC and get SEGA some cash. As for SEGA valuables, I want this:

King....... Of the kingdom of "Other Europe"

User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#16

I agree with what you say. Just... waiting for OOA is like Christmas Eve every day until its released!

That excitement is not going to go away until Father SegaSumas delivers our present! :)
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User Info: Outrun2SP

10 years ago#17


This is Gunstar from youtube. :)

You already own a complete better version of Outrun2SP for the original XBOX, can you please tell me why are you so excited about Outrun Online? :D

As for the Sega news, no surprise here. The only Sega games are selling are the Sonic games, especially the one with Mario.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#18
Greetings Outrun2SP aka Gunstar to our humble OutRun board! :)

I totally agree with what you say in respect that OutRun2006 is better than the arcade OutRun2SP and nothing is ever going to stop it being that.

But with OutRun Online Arcade I guess the most important factor above everything else is that the OutRun mode vehicle passing scores should now be identical to that of OutRun2SP the arcade machine.
I'm very serious when it comes to OutRun, OutRun mode has always been my love be it OR2 to OR2SP and I like to compare what we do at home with the worlds best on the arcade machine. So for the first time we should have a better idea of just how far away we are from the best!

The PC version of OR2006 is beautiful for its much higher resolution graphics over every other version of the series, just it was let down by its control support. You could not replicate the arcade nor the xbox version in terms of handling, not even using the standard xbox pad on a PC did it play the same. I had already put many miles into XBOX & the arcade which I do have access too at my local Sega Park.
If anything the play mechanism on PC was so tight that it felt as if the game really was on rails like never before. The handling of OutRun2SP is a sensitive issue even down to over drifitng trying to pull your car out of a drift. This is even an important issue of Tuned Time Attack because at the higher end of play you do need a bit of a slippery backend in the handling... Its a long story any how.

The game its self is also subject to timing issues across all platforms any how. Even OutRun mode and the traffic timings can be upset from playing it between 50hz, 60hz - even down to running the game via component display. Yes even the xbox version is upset by these factors even if its the closest to the arcade in terms of handling. Something that will be noticed by my self any how with the new OOA. This is not fault of the game, just the hardware its running on.

Having said all that:
The OutRun Mode scores should be updated.
Awesome HD visuals.
Official Wheel support which should support force feedback.
Its going to bring the OutRun community back together.
It should bring a lot of new players to the scene.
The Competition, competitive nature of the game makes people try harder meaning people get more out of the game because the rewards are almost endless.
We will be supporting our favourite Sega Dev's aka Sumo Digital because if it was not for these guys this game would never be here or as good as we know it is!!
And above all else it is an extension to the beautiful journey. OutRun will never die and nor will that XBOX version, but there is alot to look forward too make no mistake. :)
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User Info: Outrun2SP

10 years ago#19

Thanks for the warm welcome VirtuaRacing. :)

Yea, I'm very happy with the XBOX version for a very long time, and I will be happy with it until the end of time. :D You know I never been into online gaming, I just check guys like you, RJay, Spencer and some of the Asain guys on youtube to compare my time with. :D

I remember the time when you and Spencer helped me with which wheel to get and how to use the Wheel. I tried the Fanatec wheel for the XBOX for a few months, but I broked it during one of my drifts. :D They really don't make good racing wheel for home use, the only good one I've seen is the $300 Logitech, which sadly you can't use with your XBOX.

So, I've been only using my S-Controller for over a year now, it's a little harder to beat my best time with the XBOX controller, but I've managed some new records with the XBOX controller, it's also rumbles nicely. Sumo did a great job with the rumbles, in my opinion it's the best use of rumble, ever.

You know how I feel about the PC version. :D

I'm just not a big fan of digital download service, I like to own my complete original copies of the games, I really don't like owning games on my harddrive, this is one of the reasons I'm not into PC gaming or using emulators.

I don't own a 360 anymore, cause I found all the racing games on the 360, pretty boring.

I'm all for supporting Sega and Sumo, if they sold the game in the store, then I would've bought at least two copies. Since I don't own a 360 anymore, sadly I can't supoort them. :( I just hope everyone buys Outrun online, if it sells good, we may even get to see a new Outrun game from Sega. :)

But, now I understand why you're so excited about the game. ;)

User Info: model3

10 years ago#20
yes, the slow death of the arcade. Sega Arcade is my life-force.

historic Outrun Coast2Coast trademark.

Super Hang On 2006 was a contender!

Shinobi 2005! this one is still LIVE

I am amazed with internet and USPTO archive, one can sleuth what Sega is up to before they even announce it ! = )

Jet Grind Radio, July 2008!!

RIndwide and Ringedge, the maybe new Sega arcade boards.
Lindbergh is far from being dead !

18 wheeler! Feb 2009

REZ Feb 2009!

Those last two DC titles are odd.

i love outrun 2006
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