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  3. Been imagining about this for a long time (Spoiler probably)

User Info: renseiryuu

3 years ago#1
About Dean's origin in the first place.

IIRC, the game only tell us that he was an orphan found as a baby by the people in Capo Bronco, right? The game portrayed him as basically a village boy trying to get big through his dream of becoming a golem hunter, inspired by Nightburn.

At first, i didn't think much about it. Until the game then introduces Persephone, and the history between her and Nightburn. Apparently, Nightburn's...fiancee, I believe...who was also Persephone's sister died, though i forgot why. I imagined that Persephone's sister to be an older version of her. With similarly blue hair...wait, Dean also has blue hair too. And the blue eyes? Isn't Nightburn has blue eyes as well?

What if...they're connected?

What if Dean was actually Nightburn and Persephone sister's son?

I don't remember that Nightburn was implied to have any son or whatsoever, but what if he actually had one? Let's say that, with his dead fiancee actually pregnant without even Nightburn knowing it himself, or whatever hidden plot that didn't get shown in the game?

Then again, sure, blue haired character wasn't limited to Persephone and Dean alone (there's Rudy and Ashley if they're considered canon in WA5 world, not cameo only), and don't get me started for the blue eyes. But don't you think that some part of the story is more well-connected this way?

1. It's common or normal for a child to idolize his parent. Dean idolized Nightburn, and even after knowing the "truth" of Nightburn's glory, he still recognize him as his hero.
2. If this is true, then Dean was half Veruni (his mother) and half human (Nightburn), the same as Volsung. He was basically the form of both sides united, physically.
3. Dean didn't immediately judge the Veruni as "bad news" like Rebecca and most human did initially. He thought of them equally, and stand against them if they did any wrong (which happen to be Veruni, being the stronger side and with most of them having their superiority complex). This way of seeing things...is it because he was a half? Though, of course, it could be just ignorance or naivety.
4. If he was really half, then he was the same as Volsung. It shows that the half did manage to unite both sides, just like what Volsung parents wished for.

This is what i thought from things i remembered so far (been many years since i last played this game). Now, i wonder if any of you have the same idea as mine, and if there's anyone left in this board XD.

User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#2
I mean, that's a great theory and all, but I have a really hard time believing that if any of that were actually true, that it wouldn't be mentioned in the game. Why would the developers want to hold that away from everyone if it were the case? Could have added / changed the story immensely.
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  3. Been imagining about this for a long time (Spoiler probably)
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