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User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#11
My mistake, the discussion seemed to be about world maps in general.

Yes, if we are talking about the menu / sub menu world map then I would (and did) agree that it is lacking (like in most games), although it does have key areas and areas of interest marked on it. It's also worth nothing that you do eventually get the Sonar Kit late in the game, which will help immensely with finding treasures you had previously missed (not to mention another form of transportation that also has the benefit of no encounters). In regards to the actual act of traveling on the world map though (the areas between dungeons where you are physically walking), WA5 is very similar to FFXII when we're talking about scale and perspective relating to the rest of the game.

Anyways, I guess the real question would be: can you elaborate on your hatred of WA5? Other than just saying it's "almost like garbage" of course.

User Info: SheenavsKilley

3 years ago#12
1.The useless map in dungeon and world map. The world map shows it's not passable but when you actually get there, it's passable. Not showing my exact location on the map is really frustrating
2.The battle system, I hate the new hex system, can act after moving to another hex as well as a lot of things I can't remember coz I'm not playing the game at the moment
3.There's not a good walkthrough for this game, Split Infinity's worst FAQ is for this game. First time I saw Split Infinity wrote a garbage walkthrough. Everytime he said to find some characters from previous WA games, I couldn't find which ones he's referring to. We need more details, it seems Split is really lazy when he wrote his walkthrough. That's not the only problem with his WA5 walkthrough, there are so many but I can't remember at the moment
4.This game feels like a downgrade after the awesomeness of WA3 and 4
5.What's the point of letting us use Greg, Chuck, and Carol if they are so useless?
6.Worst story of the WA games
7.The mediums are useless except the Sword medium
8.Puzzle boxes are impossible to solve without using a walkthrough unlike WA3
9.Really strict timing on some puzzles, no mercy at all. Oh the frustration
10.Very hard to get items on the world map if you follow the coordinates thinking it's as easy and fun as WA3
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User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#13
1. I'll agree the world map isn't up to par. The dungeon maps aren't that bad though, while simplistic, they show you the basic layout and shape of the dungeon.

2. I take it your main complaint is that this makes the game too easy? Not a lot of argument there if that's the case.

3. This might be the worst reason ever to not like a game ... Just sayin.

4. Ok, that's an opinion nobody can really argue.

5. They aren't useless. If you haven't found the right reasons to use them, then you're missing out.

6. Debatable. I'd put 4 on my list of worst stories.

7. Historically, Mediums have not implemented to a point where they dominate the game, heck, WA4 all but took them out of the equation. They definitely have their uses in each game of the series though.

8. They definitely are not that hard.

9. Are you referring to firing shots? The auto target really takes any error out of this (if that's what you were referring to).

10. It's easy once you obtain the Sonar Kit, or even easier once you get world map transportation / purify the world map quadrants.

I'm not even a huge proponent of WA5, but it just seems like you're not very familiar with the game.

User Info: SheenavsKilley

3 years ago#14
1.The camera system in this game is different from other WA games and the areas are pretty large so it's hard to know where I Am since the map doesn't show your exact location
2.Nope, it makes the game too hard and annoying. Who knows? I might return to WA5 someday to complete everything. It's really hard to find the motivation to go through such a horrible game even though I really like WA3 and 4. I already finished the story of WA5 a year ago. It really goes to show you can't trust people. You need to experience a game yourself to know if it's good or not
3.It's pretty hard to know where to find the items without reading a walkthrough, Split Infinity is usually reliable, I used his walkthrough for WA3 and 4, Xenosaga 1 and 2. But I don't know why he wrote such a useless walkthrough for WA5
5.What are the reasons to use those characters? Just straight to the point
7.Mediums dominate the game in WA3. I guess you don't like/play WA3?
8.They are pretty hard, you don't play those puzzle boxes? WA3's puzzle boxes are so much easier compared to the ones in WA5
9.The time given, on some puzzles, I don't even have time to see my shot connect. I just have to keep moving hoping that all my shots connect. Also those colored floor puzzles, where everytime you step on a color, the floor will drop down, that's so insane. You can't rely on walkthrough for something like that. You have to use your memory a lot of things for a very long time too
10.Purify the world map quadrants? What are you talking about?
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User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#15
You're allowed to have your opinion, but I think I'm just trying to narrow down why you'd say this is "such a horrible game" when your complaints don't really seem like that big of a deal. If in fact the main complaint is that this is too hard, then I suggest you give it another try while really exploring the battle system to take advantage of everything it has to offer. The map isn't good, but does that really impact the game so negatively for you? Maybe it does, who knows, but it does seem a little trivial.

You make a big deal about Mediums being useless but you don't recognize they are almost non-existent in WA4 (let alone being nothing but a footnote in the story). Like I said, the Mediums do have their uses in each game. WA3 (a game that I ranked right behind WA:ACF / WA1 previously) does use them in a way that encourages them to be used, and they also influence the story. It's the best use of Mediums in the series. However, it's Finest Arts that really dominates that game. Aside from that though, the series doesn't really focus on them that much.

I've personally never found any of the puzzle boxes very hard, but that's just me. Most of them have an easily decipherable way of solving them just based on looking at them. There are some that require multiple attempts, but that's the way it should be, right? The puzzles in the game itself are supposed to be challenging while also requiring dexterity as a player given the platforming elements in this entry.

In regards to the other points:

2. I haven't heard anyone really say this is too hard. If anything, you can abuse the Hex system more in this game than it was in it's predecessor. Move '&' Shoot? Almost too easy. Perhaps this game does warrant a revisit if you ever have the time.

3. Your opinion of a FAQ / Walkthrough should literally have no bearing on your opinion of the game.

5. The reasons mostly lie in their special abilities. Chuck basically has Valiant from WA3, which can very easily be set up to abuse. Carol can attack from anywhere (giving her an ideal Hex advantage in a lot of battles). Greg is average, but ads another character to the game. By your logic, any character that is sub par shouldn't even be in the game. Given your user name, I'd assume you're a fan of Suikoden. Why don't you just eliminate everyone but those who have 3 open rune slots? The other characters are useless by comparison, right? So just put them in the non-playable side of the 108 stars ...

10. You can purify the SN's on the world map just like you can in a dungeon. It won't be available until later in the game, but the option is there to do it.

User Info: SheenavsKilley

3 years ago#16
It isn't trivial, in Wild Arms you are forced to collect everything for Black Box. Having such a useless map is a huge negative for completionist like me. Having no sense of direction is a huge letdown

In WA3, Finest Arts only available late in the game, Mediums are for giving a huge boost to stats at that point. I guess you forgot a lot of things about WA3 by now. Mediums are so important in WA3.

I always have the time to play games, but I don't understand the battle mechanics. You keep saying it's easy but I never understand what exploits you are referring to. Besides this board is dead, I have nobody that can help me in this game

About those puzzle boxes in WA5, I find some of them impossible to figure out without a FAQ, you must be a genius if you can solve them all and think it's easy or simply ignorant

Are you saying that Valiant is good? In WA3, its only use is to damage Asgard. What kind of abuse are you talking about?
So how exactly attack from anywhere becomes an advantage when Carol's stats is garbage? Am I missing something obvious?

Yeah, I only use 3 open rune slotters who have a good ATK stats in Suikoden 2, they are very limited. There are some other 3 rune slotters who have low ATK stats, I don't use them like Rina, Gantetsu, and Luc
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User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#17
C'mon man, get real. Like I said, Sonar Kit, fast world map travel, and No Encounters are available for easy Black Box completion. The fact that you won't be getting all the chests till the end of the game only supports the claim that it is very easy to get everything when you need to. Getting chests early does nothing (especially since most of them are garbage). If you want to search around early in the game (using a FAQ for chest locations no less ...) then you are putting yourself through the pain. Work with what the game gives you and you'll find it much easier.

Finest Arts was available early enough to be able to abuse for every super-boss (not to mention regular bosses) to make them a total non threat, Ragu's 2nd form included. Mediums do give stat boosts, and like I said WA3 had the best use of them out of the entire series, I haven't forgotten anything. But adding Gears was fixed, so you had to choose wisely. If you make a mistake (almost guaranteed for a first time player), you've potentially ruined what could be a good setup. You can delete, but for hard to find or one of a kind Gears, it's a horrible flaw in design. Besides, what are you using most to destroy your opponent? Summoning a Medium, or performing Finest Arts, that's what it really comes down to. And lets not forget, what did WA4 offer in terms of useful mediums again? That's right, nothing.

If you don't understand the battle mechanics, Splits FAQ (the one you hate) explains it very well. If you read it and still don't understand how to exploit it, then maybe you're right, WA4 is the game for you. It's not that hard to grasp. Sounds like you just tried muscling through everything. Choose your badges wisely for each situation, position yourself correctly, and abuse weaknesses and there should be no problems. Carol is a great candidate for the Orange Badge. There's no one right setup for each character, your equips should be constantly rotating for maximum efficiency.

Are you saying Valiant isn't good? It's by far one of the best spells in the game. If you don't understand that, then you shouldn't be critiquing any Wild ARM game at all since you aren't grasping the mechanics of them.

I don't consider myself a genius, but any of the PB's are far from impossible. They shouldn't take one try, have some patience and work through them. You should be able to tell immediately when you perform a move that ruins it.

Great, so you use the best characters available ... I'll ask again, does that render the other characters completely useless? Why not just shovel them to the non-playable stars? Everyone has to play the game your way, is that it?

User Info: SheenavsKilley

3 years ago#18
1.The problem with getting them later is you will forget which ones you miss by then, items on the world map, sidequests. Does Sonar help for collecting items in dungeons? not world map

Also one of the main problems like I said is I have no idea which character Split's talking about when he said about characters from other WA games. I've never played those WA games, I'm clueless
I know about characters from WA3 and 4 but even then I realized their costumes have different colors

2.I didn't use those summons, they are only useful early game

3.I remember not understanding how some badges work, I post the questions here and no one answers them. That's why I give up on the game last year

4.I have only ever played WA3, 4, and 5. WA3 and 4 completed to the fullest already, all ex file keys, minigames, sidequests

5.Eh I can't do the puzzle boxes in WA5, there are way too many possibilities each puzzle can go, I gave up, my best isn't enough. I don't think that will change now

6.So you're admitting that those 3 characters I mention are useless, nothing new there

My characters' levels are maxed, I'm at the point where I don't know how to get stronger
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User Info: Dark Wyvern

Dark Wyvern
3 years ago#19
How can you forget an item that you passed by on the World Map when you didn't even know it was there? That's what the Sonar Kit does ... it tells you where the hidden treasures are. You're really not making a good argument at all.

As far as dungeons go, this is a pretty common element in most RPG's: where you see a chest in a dungeon that you can't get and have to come back later for. It is definitely not unique to this game, or even this series. Revisiting dungeons with better tools and skills later in the game is standard practice in an RPG. Given the ability to switch off encounters, the amount of annoyance is minimal. Or, you know, you could just jot something down on a piece of paper to make a note to come back later. What about Suikoden ... do you hate the series because you have to go back to a town later in the game when conditions for recruitment are met? It's the same thing.

If you haven't played the previous WA games, that's your fault, certainly not Splits. This really is a ridiculous argument.

If you had a question on a Badge, there is, in fact, and entire Badge FAQ on this site. Since you're obviously not averse to using a FAQ, I'm surprised you didn't check there. It lists locations of where to get them as well as what they do. There's also an entire section in that FAQ you hate dedicated to Badges. Also, a quick look at the board history shows you've made only one topic in the last 5 years. Kinda weird to get upset about not getting the answer to a question you never asked.

So you've only played 2 games to completion and gave up on this one, yet you make the statement that: "This game is the worst in the series?" That's kinda weird. And if you can't do the Puzzle Boxes, that's fine, maybe they were too hard for you. That doesn't mean nobody else was able to figure them out either though.

I never admitted that those characters were "useless." I said Greg was average. If you don't know how to utilize their strengths (which aren't hidden at all and are fully explained to you in the game), that's your problem, not the games. Chuck has this games version of Valiant and is extremely useful in certain situations where a lot of strength is an advantage. Carol can control a Hex Ley Point and help control the flow of battle without ever moving (Monopolizing on a Ley Point and acting without ever having to move off of it can be a huge advantage in some battles). If you are still having difficulty, abusing the Orange Badge pretty much guarantees a win in every battle, unless you are just downright terrible. Using it correctly, you basically never die.

Basically, what I'm seeing is that you don't like the game because you're not good at it, which is what I originally suspected. You have to realize that complaining about something being too hard without trying to learn about it heavily undermines your entire argument. Not to mention the fact that you really aren't an expert given that you have only played two of the games to completion and don't understand how great of a spell Valiant is in your favorite game that you've played. I have to assume that when you don't address the points I'm making when criticizing your critique, that it means you give up and don't have anything to say.

User Info: SheenavsKilley

3 years ago#20
1.Split's FAQ tells me to get those items on world map, but I can't get them. Those items are necessary for sidequests, since I don't have them I can't finish the sidequests. So it's not just simply picking up the items I miss on the world map, I also need to figure out which sidequests need those items I get from the world map

2.I'm just asking if Sonar helps on collecting items in dungeons or not. I know the map is terrible so if Sonar can point out where the items are like Jet's radar in WA3 it will help greatly

3.LOL? What about people who only play this Wild Arms game? It's obviously Split's fault for not giving an accurate description of the character I need to talk to

4.I've read that Badge FAQ, it doesn't help and I still can't understand

7.Yeah, obviously I'm not good at the game and there's not enough information to make me understand. There are too many things I don't like from the game

I don't know if I should continue the game or start a new game+, it will be really hard to figure out which items I miss
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