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User Info: MereMare

11 years ago#31
That price was stated in WA3, I think, after they killed the head of that group.
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User Info: Hopetear

11 years ago#32
I can't believe nobody mention this about the treasure bug.

Split, you're doing it the HARD way; all you need to do is fire two Fire Bullets at it. No Power Shot required.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#33
Heh, honestly I never tried that. Good to know.

User Info: qxface

11 years ago#34
This is awesome. Thanks a ton!

I gnow this is a big request, but is there any chance of getting these listed in the order they are encountered in the game?

Even if not, thanks a lot for this!

User Info: Kenshee82

11 years ago#35
Where do i get this Golden Angel in order to get the Costume for Dean?
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User Info: RPGCrazied

11 years ago#36
unseal a piller on world map, fight boss.. it drops statue.. turn it in to cameo jet for costume

You need the Duel Sign, and thats at the last tower? dunno about that, not that far yet

User Info: TroublemakerTM

11 years ago#37
Good guide. Long title that could've been shorter but still good nonetheless.
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User Info: pdragon15

11 years ago#38
hey guys right now im trying to get into the black market and i have the werewolf tooth thing, and when i talk to the guy in the green suit he doesnt say anything or no menu comes up, am i doing something wrong?
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User Info: VeghEsther

11 years ago#39
You must hand in the werewolf tooth after getting the teleport orb but before entering Tower 0 after beating the other 4 Towers.

Else you will never get the black pass at all.

User Info: LockeScythe

11 years ago#40
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  3. Costumes, ARM parts, Missables, Rare Foes, Treasure Bug, Quick Money, EX File...