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User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#21

- These are special items which enable you to obtain 12 costumes for your chrs (2 per chr).
- Obtain Golden Angels by beating Pillar Bosses #1 ~ #12 (see the complete list above).
- Overworld pillar bosses are defeateble by having Asgard tank them (make sure it equips the best stuff, which is found in four optional dungeons).
- Dungeon pillar bosses are defeatable with a bit of preparation.
# Rich Melchom - LOL. Just make sure you defeat it before it runs away.
# Super Grow Apple - LOL. Just make sure you defeat it before it runs away.
# Ape Man Jumma - Uses physicals, Hydro Pressure, Stone Bullet. Spam its fire weakness, and beware of counters.
# Prime Vals - Uses physicals, Noxious Stream, Life Returner, Howl, Ley Change and Giga Crush. Spam its fire weakness, and you're safe about 50% of time due to half its attacks being non-damaging ones.
# 3x Que Sera Sera - Uses a variety of attacks with different properties, so these guys can be a bit troublesome. I wasn't able to hit them with element attacks (No Effect! kept popping up), so I had to smash them with criticals.
# Chaugnar Faugn - Use physicals, Life Drain, Gather and Shut Out. Spam its wind weakness and wave sayonara to it.
- Now take Golden Angels and trade them to various WA cameos.

these armors by trading Golden Angels with various WA cameos you've been encountering on your journeys. You just need to talk to one of the cameos I mention below, and if you have at least one Golden Angel in inventory, you'll get the option of trading it for an armor.

#01 - HAUTE COUTURE armor - Yulie in Mirapulse, F2
#02 - DOMINION GARB armor - Arnaud in Mirapulse, F2
#03 - SHADE WIELDER armor - Jack in Capo Bronco, F1
#04 - VIRGINIA'S SOUL armor - Virginia in Harmonde, F1
#05 - ANKH GARB armor - Anastasia in Harmonde, F1
#06 - ROBE OF FILGAIA armor - Cecilia in Gounon, F1
#07 - BUTLER'S SUIT armor - Magdalen in Laila Belle, F2
#08 - LABYRINTHOS armor - Tim in Mithysmere, F1
#09 - GENUINE VEST armor - Gallows in Memorial Sanctuary, F2
#10 - RED GUARD armor - Jet in Honeysday, F2
#11 - COISTE-BODHAR armor - Kanon in Meisis, F1
#12 - MIRAGE BLAZER armor - Lilka (Twelbit, F1; Provectas, F1; other spots too)

Good luck!

User Info: VeghEsther

11 years ago#22
For most of the dungeon pillar duel sign boss's I needed Ragu Ragula's Omega Badge 1 100% orange badge user and at least 2x sherrifs stars on all party members to kill certain ones.

Without a 100% orange user I couldn't beat Ape Man Jumma, The 3x Que Sera Sera (despite a earth only weakness) and Chaugnar Faugn reason is their best attacks even at max LV 100 with 2x sherrifs stars on did as much damage as Ragu Ragula's million degree's attacks.

Which on my file was still over 5000+ to the party members that didn't have the 100% orange badge on.

User Info: cloudeu

11 years ago#23
bump and hopes it gets stickied
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11 years ago#24
Sticky this, so I don't have to look for it when I need it.

User Info: wuffles

11 years ago#25
Chaugnar Faugn is definately doable without orange 100, if somewhat painful. My best attacker for that fight was Avril with double cast and the 0 mp badges. She was hitting it for 25-30k per turn. Although I may of been lucky as it only used one strong attack which insta-gibbed poor dean. Most of the rest of the time it either missed or just hit for normal damage.

User Info: VeghEsther

11 years ago#26
I had my Avril barely do more then 12,000 per hi blast/heavy crush against Chaugnar Faugn even with 2x sherrifs stars dual cast and terrace tiara's equipped.

Then again I upgraded Avrils arm for ATP only.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#27
Why would you have to look for topic? Hit "Track Topic" option and then go here:

This or bookmark it.

User Info: vividamage123

11 years ago#28
this is amazing thanks@
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User Info: Phreack_Shadow

11 years ago#29
This is quite useful. Thanks.
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User Info: My_Filgaia

11 years ago#30
N door on F11 of this dungeon can only be opened if you have exactly 221500 gella.

Is that the 'price on the heads of the outlaws' puzzle? How do you come to guess that number?

It's probably something that's really obvious, but I can't think of the answer.
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