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User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#141
Hm, I dunno. I was level 12 when I fought them in latest playthru and I pounded their asses. If you lose, gain a level or two and bury them.
Hotel_Security posted...
By the way, what is the general strategy for using a 100% Orange badge against the Big Bosses? I've seen it mentioned multiple times to "use a 100% orange badge" in the FAQs and such but I've never seen it really detailed (and I don't have one yet so I didn't figure it out myself). Do you just put it on your healer and have her revive the rest of the part when they get smited over and over?


yeah, then how much life do your healer have, more times to revive^^
like 7000 hp = 70 attacks your healer can endure.
then the other two keep using their best attacks:)

User Info: Mellerker500

11 years ago#143
Thanks for the advice.What about the badge setups?

User Info: Allen Tax

Allen Tax
11 years ago#144
Posted 10/8/2007 3:29:29 PM

message detail May as well paste this here too:

The double treasure bug description can be updated a bit:
- It doesn't have to be two projectile weapons, it can be a projectile and an instant-shot weapon. For example, the two easiest ways of doing it are:
Pick Fire, shoot, switch to Ice, shoot. This can be done from almost any range, and can also be done as soon as you get Fire (well before you get the power shot, obviously). Remember you have to press Shoot twice.
Pick Power Shot, hold down Shoot and switch to Standard (or Anchor Hook). You can even press/hold Shoot and press Switch Cartridge simultaneously. Continuing to hold down Shoot will fire both weapons as soon as Dean can. This is totally easy.

I'v stated this before you did. But also to re update myself.You will most likely freeze doing it with A mimic,However you can actually get this to work.I had it once work.In that the screen loads totally to the fight and get item.

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User Info: wafumhack11

11 years ago#145
Good day everyone..please help me in wild arms 5, i have already finish the game and have the clear game file. but im stuck in locus solus. i didnt know where to go now..teleport and asgard cant be use..i cant go to mayflower because all ways are blocked, or is there any option to leave the locus solus map? or where should i go now to go back to me ...thanks in advance
(message deleted)

User Info: omegamanx23

10 years ago#147
does anyone know where to find the best equipment for Asgard?

User Info: JIM12306

10 years ago#148
Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.

But when you go to Gounon after the events with Nightburn in Mt. Chug Chug and after the events in Honeysday that follow you can talk to the guy in the Appleseed place and he will ask you to do help him so do so.

And after you spin the thing that is next to him about 20 times talk to him to get yourself a Fresh apple wine.

Now talk to him again and choose to help him again but this time spin the thing 100 times (i did it about 110 times but i would imagine it should be 100 times) and talk to him again.

And he will compliment you and say that he underestimated you and he will then give you an ATK Apple .

Also the next time i did this i went to about 120 spins and he gave me a LVL Apple.

And the next time i did about 200 spins and i got another LVL Apple.

So i believe that the LVL Apple may be the top reward though i am not sure if there is some kind of limit or not.
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User Info: animemomu

10 years ago#149
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: animemomu

10 years ago#150
may I sell their starting ARM parts and costumes? and about the missables... If i miss some of them, will it affect my game? And also, can I get those missables in the second playthrough?
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