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User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#11

EX File wants you to meet 9 different requirements while playing the game.

#01 - Acquire Sheriff Star badge.
#02 - Play for more than 24 hours.
#03 - Break six sealed crystals.
#04 - Clear all Puzzle Boxes.
#05 - Beat the game and view the ending. Make sure you make Clear Game save when prompted!
#06 - Hit an enemy for more than 20000 damage.
#07 - Fill in more than 50% of Monster Guide.
#08 - Win at least 200 battles.
#09 - Opened Black Box.

The bonuses you unlock are the following:
A - Voice Studio (meet requirements #01, #04, #07)
B - Start Ex. New Game (meet requirements #02, #05, #08)
C - Veiw EX. Stats (meet requirements #03, #06, #09)
D - Movie Studio (meet requirements #01, #02, #03)
E - Character Guide (meet requirements #04, #05, #06)
F - Monster Guide (meet requirements #07, #08, #09)

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#12

To crack open sealed pillar bosses in dungeons, you need Duel Sign cart which is found in F13 of TF System: Tower O.

Pillar Boss #01 - Que Sera Sera
- Mt. Chug-Chug, F15

Pillar Boss #02 - Super Grow Apple
- Starlit Path, F16

Pillar Boss #03 - Ape Man Jumma
- Decrepit Path, F3

Pillar Boss #04 - Chaugnar Faugn
- Temple of Rejection, F12

Pillar Boss #05 - Rich Melchom
- Isolated Path, F17

Pillar Boss #06 - Prime Vals
- Hillside Ruins, F18

Unlike sealed pillars in dungeons, you open overworld ones in a different way - summon Asgard and have it punch the pillar. Once prompted, you can choose if you want to begin the fight with Asgard or jump in with your chrs immediately.

If Asgard is defeated, your chrs take its place and can continue the battle. Take note that you won't receive any EXP in case Asgard is involved with battle in any way.

Pillar Boss #07 - five Gob-Gob-Gob-Gob-Gob foes
- [X: 71460, Y: 23006]
- warp to Mt. Chug-Chug, then head S

Pillar Boss #08 - Graboid
- [X: 24698, Y: 18055]
- warp to Twelbit, and go S into the desert

Pillar Boss #09 - 5x Oil Spirit
- [X: 80525, Y: 91905]
- warp to Tartarus, and head NW

Pillar Boss #10 - Doomsday
- [X: 29255, Y: 76249]
- warp to Wayward Path (south entrance), then head S

Pillar Boss #11 - Bad News
- [X: 30755, 78634]
- warp to Temple of Rejection, then head S

Pillar Boss #12 - 2x Furfur
- [X: 27705, Y: 57742]
- warp to Honeysday
- head NE to [X: 86348, Y: 42579]
- there is rock formation, walk inside it
- use TO to be warped to [X: 29825, Y: 56950]

Optional dungeons' pillar bosses - there are four of them, and you also require Duel Sign in order to fight them.

Pillar Boss #13 - 3x Lycanthrope
- Cocytus, F15

Pillar Boss #14 - Mictlantecuhtli
- Inferno, F15

Pillar Boss #15 - King of Angolmois
- Tartarus, F15

Pillar Boss #16 - Ragu O Ragla
- Abyss, F30


You need to have four items if you want to BBQ Ragu. They are:

#A Holly Crown
- Warp to Honeysday.
- At [X: 92769, Y: 44106] punch away some stupid rocks with Asgard.
- At [X: 95481, Y: 50681] punch away a stupid rock to reveal a chest.
- Open the chest [X: 95368, Y: 50976] to retrieve this item.

#B Sacred Shroud
- Warp to Twelbit.
- At [X: 33458, Y: 17993] punch away a stupid rock with Asgard to reveal a chest.
- Open the chest [X: 33551, Y: 18278] to retrieve this item.

#C Jasper Pillar
- Warp to Provectas.
- At [X: 69327, Y: 91774] Asgard can cross shallow water.
- Open Duplicator chest [X: 52817, Y: 95659] to retrieve this item.

#D Obsidian Spear
- Warp to Cavam Valley.
- At [X: 29435, Y: 66830] punch away a stupid rock with Asgard to reveal a chest.
- Open the chest [X: 29183, Y: 66684] to retrieve this item.

When you have these four items, you can put them on four daises on F29 of Abyss. Once placed, a new crystal appears which takes you from F29 to F30. Good luck with the battle.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#13

Once you load Ex. File and choose to play Ex. New Game, this is what happens with all the stuff you did in previous playthru(s):

#A Chrs' levels do NOT carry over - you begin at lv1.

#B Gella acquired carries over.

#C Field Items that carry over are: Tent, Nectar, LVL Apple, 20-LVL Apple, ATK Apple, DEF Apple, MAG Apple, RES Apple, HIT Apple, EVA Apple, RFX Apple, Dragon Fossil, and Black Pass. The rest of field items is gone and needs to be acquired again.

#D ALL Battle Items carry over.

#E ALL ARM parts carry over.

#F ALL Armors carry over, and Nine Lives is added to inventory if you completed all nine Ex. File requirements.

#G ALL Badges carry over, *except* for Monopoly Gourd.

#H ALL Golem Parts carry over.

#I ALL Books carry over.

#J Tutorials are reset, so you have to go thru them again at appropriate points in the game (don't see why, though).

#K Black Box' chest count begins from zero, so you need to open all chests again if you want to fight Black Box.

#L If Dean is wearing Nine Lives, battle music in random battles changes.

#M If Dean is wearing Nine Lives, certain subquests CANNOT be done. So if it appears that you can't trigger a quest, remove Nine Lives from Dean.

#N Depending on which playthru you're at, amount of gella and EXP from battles is multiplied. So if you're on 3rd playthru, your gella and EXP will be tripled after battle is over. This can go as high as 10x the original gella and EXP awarded.

#O Final boss is lv90 on second playthru, and lv100 on third playthru.

#P If you've been raising your stats via ATK Apples and the rest, the bonus gained from those Apples carries over. So technically, you can begin the game with lv1 Dean who has maxed stats.

#R This is one of the neatest thing that carries over - if your battling chrs are Rebecca, Avril, and Carol, and if say Rebecca equips Sea Medium and is high enough level to learn Heal OC, Jump FA and Revive OC, Avril and Carol will be able to use those same skills in battle as well without having Sea Medium equipped. Likewise, equip Avril with Sword Medium and Carol with Sky Medium, then watch how each of your chrs can now use multitude of abilities. No more medium switching and stuff when it comes to skills.
Note: It applies to any combination of battle chrs, not just the girls. You know, girl preference and stuff.

#Q Force Combination Arts do NOT carry over. You have to learn them again.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#14

- Can only be obtained after TF System: Tower O appears.
- In Gounon, F2, talk to the guy who's making wine and agree to help him. Stand
near other crank and start turning it clockwise. Make about 20 spins and then
talk to him again to get FRESH APPLE WINE.
- In Laila Belle, F1, talk to the guy in green suit sitting on a bench and pick first choice to give him the Apple Wine.
- After boss battles in Harmonde, donate 20x Heal Berry to Anastasia cameo in Harmonde, F1, to obtain Blank Medium, and 5x Tent to obtain Second Flash.
- After completing Cradle dungeon, talk to Ema cameo in Twelbit, F2. Give her Second Flash to obtain Canned Peaches. Apple Wine delivery quest must be completed beforehand as well.
- In Honeysday, F2, talk to Jet cameo and give him Canned Peaches for Werewolf Fang.
- In Laila Belle, F1, talk to the guy in green suit sitting on a bench and pick first choice to give him Werewolf Fang. In return to obtain Black Pass.
- Black Market itself is located in Laila Belle, F3 - just talk to the receptionist and she'll show up the goods you can buy.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#15
That would be all I had planned. Hope this topic will help you out at least a little bit. Good luck!

User Info: RPGCrazied

11 years ago#16
heck yes! you rock split.

This needs to be stickied or faq'd

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#17

- You can buy these from Black Market for 30 LVLs a piece. Each chr has two different costumes to choose from.
- Apart from changing the chr's appearance, costumes are needed for two more things:
# Approach the door on F17 of Hillside Ruins, ensure all chrs are wearing school uniforms, and the door opens, thus allowing you to fight a sealed pillar boss Prime Vals.
# When Pastel in Mithysmere, F1, informs you that Hresvelgr is now located nearby, go to F10 of the dungeon, ensure all chrs are wearing school uniforms, and approach the four torches to fight optional boss Hresvelgr.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#18

N door on F11 of this dungeon can only be opened if you have exactly 221500 gella. If you wonder what you get behind the door... Hi-Vortex, Hi-Water, Full Revive, Hi-Devastate, Chick Badge, Mega Berry. Don't worry, none of these items are in chests, so your Black Box saga can carry on uninterrupted.

User Info: VeghEsther

11 years ago#19
Shooting Nova is kind of missable
Must complete the following side quests #2, 15, 21, 22, 30, 33, 34 and only after you get the Exodus Orb but before the point on no return.

Quest 2: Talk to Yulie in Gounon and give the music box to Kresnik in Cap Bronco
Quest 15: Harmonde Charity must do all gella payments and give all the respective items till this quest is done.
Quest 21: Have a Chick.Hen Badge and show it to tim after you get the teleport orb
Quest 22: is for getting the Coyote M18F arm
Quest 30: is the quest for eventually getting the Might Guy Badge via talking to the Shouting Man + Narcissistic hunter constantly in Harmond.
Quest 33: find all the sol nigers and beat them including the 4 ones on the Overworld map at LV 88, 86, 65 and LV 89 respectivly and the 4 in the Cocytus LV 82, Inferno LV 80, Tartarus LV 94 and Abyss LV 99.
Quest 34: Kill the adult mags for the night princess badge.

Then again I did all these quests yet for some reason I still never got Yulie to end up in Mirapulse and still never got the Shooting Nova despite already having the exodus orb usable.

User Info: Split Infinity

Split Infinity
11 years ago#20

- In Japanese version of WA5 you needed to defeat six optional bosses for Gold Angels, which enabled you trading them with NPCs for chrs costumes. Then you had to play the game for the second time using Clear Game Data to obtain further six Golden Angels for six more costumes.
- Alternatively one could play Crossfire, and then import a save from Crossfire into WA5 by linking PSP with PS2, which was done by certain Gob stupido in Desecrated Shrine
- Importing PSP save unlocked six more optional bosses on Filgaia overworld - you could fight those for six Golden Angels.
- So if you were able to import Crossfire save, you had the chance to obtain all costumes in one go.

- US version of Crossfire, however, is very unlikely to appear. Anyway, XSEED has included those six overworld pillar bosses in US version of the game - you just need to find them and beat the up.
- Effectively, this means that one can obtain 12 Golden Angels in one go, and thus not having to replay the game for second time strictly because of missing costumes.
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