11 years ago #9

    - Warning! If done carelessly, you may screw yourself out of fighting Black Box.
    - Also, this bug can only be applied on regular chests INSIDE dungeons (it won't work on Duplo chests and Power Shot chests).
    - You need Fire Bullet and Power Shot cartridges.
    - Save your game before attempting this.
    - Train a bit by switching from Fire Bullet cartridge to Power Shot until you become comfortable by it. You mustn't press L1 or L2 buttons too fast or else you'll cause the cartridges to start spin-shuffling.
    - Go to any dungeon and find any regular red chest whose contents you wish to duplicate.
    - Equip Fire Bullet and face the red chest.
    - Stand as far away as you can, but still close enough so that lock-on target appears on the chest.
    - Now comes the tricky part.
    - Press Square to fire a bullet from Fire Bullet cartridge.
    - Immediately press one of left shoulder buttons enough times to switch from Fire Bullet to Power Shot, and then press Square again to fire a bullet from Power Shot cartridge.
    - When done correctly, you'll have two bullets (one from Fire Bullet and one from Power Shot) flying towards the chest.
    - When both bullets hit the chest, it'll get open twice, thus giving you its contents twice as well.
    - If you open a chest this way, it will count as opening two chests. So effectively, you can "open" more than 362 chests... but if you do that, then you can't fight Black Box.
    - In order to ensure that you can fight Black Box - open exactly 361 chests *and no more*, then go fight Black Box. Defeat it, and then open any remaining chests you have left.