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    ARM PARTS LIST, cont...

    Chuck's elusive ARM parts:

    # Stake Driver - Duplicator chest on F16 of Desecrated Shrine
    # Giga Spark - chest on F8 of Tartarus
    # Death Stroke - buy in Black Market in Laila Belle, F3, for 25 LVLs
    # Shooting Nova - can (probably) be done after TF System: Tower O dungeon appears
    -> by talking to them at various points of the game, progress Yulie / Kresnik communication far enough so that Yulie departs from Gounon and relocates herself to Mirapulse, F2
    -> don't worry if you leave that "talking stuff" intact until just before point of no return
    -> go to Mirapulse, F2, and you'll find Yulie, Arnaud cameo, and Raquel cameo inside
    -> talk to all of them and you'll be tasked to find Holy Root
    -> talk to Tim cameo in Mithysmere, F1, to find out that you need five badges
    -> Nose Hero: you need to purify 12 Sol Nigers, then talk to Kanon cameo in Meisis, F1, to obtain this badge
    -> Might Guy: after TF System: Tower O dungeon appears, find "Shouting Man" near the pier in Harmonde, F1, and talk to him; provide him with correct answers ("silk scarf", "snowdrop", and "Shrimp Marinade"), then he asks you to talk to "Narcissistic Hunter" in Harmonde, F2, for one final time; do so and you obtain this badge
    -> Sacred Boy: after completing Cradle dungeon, talk to Tim cameo in Mithysmere, F1, and if you have at least one Hen Badge in inventory (must NOT be equipped), you get this badge
    -> Night Princess: after TF System: Tower O dungeon appears, go to Harmonde, F2, and examine charred ground of blown-up house for a naughty magazine; make your frontline contain all males only, and then beat up 8x Adult Mag to obtain this badge
    -> Cheerful Girl: after boss battles in Harmonde, donate 100000 gella to Anastasia cameo in Harmonde, F1, to obtain this badge
    -> now return to Tim in Mithysmere, F1, and talk to him to obtain Ark Scepter
    -> go see Gallows cameo in Memorial Sanctuary, F2, give him Ark Scepter and you obtain Holy Root
    -> finally return to Mirapulse, F2, and give Holy Root to Raquel to obtain this part
    # Doom Bringer (MISSABLE!) - can be done after Mt. Chug-Chug
    -> talk to Handyman in Laila Belle, F1, and pick first choice twice to get Ebony Key
    -> go talk to Zed cameo in Mithysmere, F1, and make sure you pick first choice
    -> he'll disappear into one of the dungeons, and you need to track him down multiple times
    -> first: Starlit Path, F11
    -> second: Hillside Ruins, F7
    -> third: Lightless Shaft, F18
    -> fourth: Celestial Peak, F18
    -> once you find him in Celestial Peak, you obtain this part

    Other ARM Parts not mentioned here can all be bought in various shops. This section was made to help you complete the ARM parts list.