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User Info: AzSchmaz

11 years ago#1
Hey there, my fellow Pro Evo'ers.

Just a little question. Last night I had some of the buddies round for a few drinks, and decided to boot up the 360 for some PES 6 fun, online. Let's just say, while intoxicated, some of their skills are incredibly lacking. As a result, we lost many a match... and my profile has suffered for it.
No biggy, though! ;P

But I was just wondering if my Pro Evo Live profile can be reset?

(I've heard of the FIFA profiles being able to be deleted and started from scratch).

Is it possible with Pro Evo 6?
And if so, how do I go about doing it.

Many thanks in advance. ;)
GT: "AzSchmaz" (minus the quotation marks) --- <3

User Info: Thoko25

11 years ago#2
I doubt it.
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