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User Info: CCGreenRaider

12 years ago#1
How do you guyz score goals online?!?!? I MEAN I JUST GOT DONE PLAYING A GAME where i outshot the other team with a higher accuracY and yet still lost! this mother ****er shoots balls from outside my box and scores a goal! yet i get all these 1v1 goalie shots and somehow their god damn ****ing goalie alwayz blocks this stupid ****ing shot! i've had atleast about 5 games exactly like this(i admit i suck at this game, i get my ass beat by a regular atleast 10 to 1) but i also get my ass kicked by noobs, noobs that i should beat, noobs that i outpossess the ball, noobs that i outshoot, PLEASE HELP ME! HELP ME LEARN HOW TO SCORE A MOTHER ****ING GOAL! this game is pissing me off soooooo

o n sorry for all the cuzzing
GT: CC GreenRaider

User Info: cheese_game619

12 years ago#2
Take the team you use into training mode and just have your team play against the keeper. Practise finishing from all angles and ranges. That's all I can really say without seeing you play and telling you exactly what you're doing wrong.

User Info: snoopymark

12 years ago#3
It took me 10 games before i could beat my bro when i got this game, and he aint that good. Even then it was only 2:1.
I don't think there's meant to be loads of goals in pro evo.
Keep trying
GT - snoopydoggy

User Info: SoE86

12 years ago#4
Quod me nutrit me destruit'

User Info: Cloverfield_33

12 years ago#5
How do you score? How do you score? It's easy. How can you not score? You take the player to the goal and you press shoot lol

User Info: YeovilTown4Me

12 years ago#6
Dont take the mickey cause he cant score he may be the best passer but not the best shooter

User Info: jacobus1

12 years ago#7
you have to run towards the keeper, make a little move to the right/left and then go to the other side of the keeper and pass him, he will never get the ball.
Then just walk the ball in the goal, the ultimate goal online:P
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