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User Info: reclinemusic

1 month ago#1
Commemorate 20 years of Diablo II with Carbot, MrLlamaSC, and new in-game wings!

Computer stats!

User Info: FolkenRawr

1 month ago#2
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User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
1 month ago#3
It's funny seeing people calling Llama the WR setter for D2... Dude has no competition AFAIK.
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User Info: Spooking

4 weeks ago#4
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User Info: SantaKhala

2 weeks ago#5
I like those freebies that don't involve lots of grinding. The last time I had to get the Kerrigan Wings involved winning 15 games with a friend in a party, over a two-week period. It became a chore near the end...

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  3. Commemorate 20 years of Diablo II (D3 in game item)
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