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User Info: KingOfAsia

1 year ago#1
Please if ur australia do not invite me, i dont want ur stinkin 200+ ping

dont be a damn sneak and invite me thats a low blow i dont like lag ty
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User Info: Mad_Cow46

1 year ago#2
I'll make sure to let all of my Australian friends know to invite you.
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User Info: ShoobieDoobie

1 year ago#3
Are ya winning, son?

User Info: rjames80

1 year ago#4
^Is that guy using a mouse or squashing a spider? I figure it could be either one.
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User Info: Mad_Cow46

1 year ago#5
Well it does look like the Outback so it very well could be a spider
Disassemble Number 5

User Info: redundancies

1 year ago#6
Guessing his mouse is a spider, which is pretty badass.

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

1 year ago#7
ShoobieDoobie posted...

LOL @ the kangaroo

User Info: ColdOne666

1 year ago#8
I'm Aussie and that pic is gold.
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User Info: MelvinSmiley

1 year ago#9
It's scary how accurate that is!
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User Info: MsDbird

11 months ago#10
I deal with high Aussie ping because Aussies are hilarious, always up for a laugh.
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