Poll: Did you actively pursue D2 PvP?

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User Info: Mad_Cow46

6 months ago#1
Did you actively pursue D2 PvP? - Results (114 votes)
Yeah it was the true D2 end game
17.54% (20 votes)
I played it often
7.89% (9 votes)
I played it occasionally
10.53% (12 votes)
I've never played it
12.28% (14 votes)
It tried it but it never appealed to me
21.93% (25 votes)
I stayed away from it like it was the plague
29.82% (34 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since there has been much discussion about How D3 doesn't have PvP and there are some who think that's what endgame is I figured I'd find out once and for all.
It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that.

User Info: GuiltyCrown

6 months ago#2
Well it is understandable why would people playing in d2 pvp in its time no matter how watered down it was but at the modem day where a lot of free and polished pvp games are available to play?

The correct answer should be real pvp game over d2 watered down pvp, especially when you are an avid pvp player.

By the way i chose "It tried it but it never appealed to me".

User Info: CyberJ

6 months ago#3
Stayed away like the plague. I'm not a PvP person. Never have been. Especially when some roll of the die determines if I'm successful. I much prefer PvP when I have direct control over my success or failure. Think chess more than Yahtzee.

User Info: Soulidarity

6 months ago#4
Never interested me. It was a garbage PvP system.
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User Info: Biceptual

6 months ago#5
I liked it. Voted for very often. It did offer another layer of depth if you wanted to min/max for something other than killing baal.

Calling the the "true end game" kinda feels douchey though, even though i just said it in the other topic myself. I had friends that got a ton of hours out of D2 that never really did the PVP.
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User Info: Mad_Cow46

6 months ago#6
Yeah I got a ton of hours out of D2 without PvP as well.
It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that.

User Info: rjames80

6 months ago#7
No, I tried it but it was really bad, like every other iso-arpg that has a PvP mode. Plus, I was in my late teens and early 20's when D2 was at the height of its popularity. Going out with friends, partying, and getting laid was much more important to me than proving I was better at D2 PvP than some random strangers on the internet. I have no regrets.
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User Info: InfestedAdam

6 months ago#8
A mix between I tried it and it was forced upon me (i.e. PKers)
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User Info: Kyonshi

6 months ago#9
I honestly dont get PvP in a point 'n' click game... I find this so dumb. OK maybe for Starcraft or Command & Conquer. There's a lot of management and multi-tasking to do. But with a single Diablo character? I really dont see the appeal and its boring in my point of view. You mash mouse buttons and 1-2-3-4 keys? LuLz.

User Info: roos1046 Reborn

roos1046 Reborn
6 months ago#10
I likes to use the TP PK trick on hardcore and kill clueless people

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