What's the point of season 11 having JUST gotten Necro ?

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  3. What's the point of season 11 having JUST gotten Necro ?

User Info: redundancies

9 months ago#21
Mad_Cow46 posted...
Don't count on yearly. The intern is only one person.

They hired a second intern. Yearly is totally within reach!

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
9 months ago#22
What's the point?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky... Try to take over the... leaderboards!
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User Info: Bradk72186

9 months ago#23
Ryyaann_Is_Band posted...
evenflow80 posted...
Patches still add new legandaries though ? Or is that also not the case anymore ?

They used to, but not anymore. A few of them get re-tweaked here and there, but as for actual new Legendaries, that was months ago. (Not including Necro Legendaries ofc). Then again, this is Season 11, so as with any other medium ten Seasons deep, it is what it is.

evenflow80 posted...
Wait so when people say "nothing new added since season 6" they mean like literally not even a single new legendary ? That SUCKS

Well to be fair, D3 is a 5 year old game with no real means to generate a steady post-release revenue, so it makes sense that content development has slowed to a crawl. Perhaps if the game had a different business model (ie. selling MTX), that could fuel development and we'd see more content.

evenflow80 posted...
So that's it for the Necro ? That's all the class specific legendary items for him ? He has less than all the other characters

I don't reckon we'll see more of those, considering if there were any more, they'd release them alongside the Necromancer when it first came out. As for quality, yeah there's some definitely some things I've found that could use some polish. The standard doesn't seem up to par with the other classes, who clearly had more time put into them.

Edit: Some examples are:
- Final Service has the same icon as DH's MFD
- Bloodsong Mail's affix is counterintuitive, as the Kill Command rune takes priority
- Revive being one of, if not the worst Necro skills
- Skeletal Warrior not having HP, but just amount of hits
- Pestilence Set underwhelming at endgame
- etc.

Actually the Revive skill is extremely good when u know how to use it. Its the PERFECT crowd control skill. Want to not get touched by enemies whatsoever? Revive is the way to go. Enemies literally cannot hit me bc there are too many of my minions around me. Its better than any shield skill.

User Info: Bradk72186

9 months ago#24
Take revive when going through bounties...During the quests that require u to save or open something w a meter that needs to fill up you can just rush to the goal and the minions will block u from being hit while u wait for the meter to finish. You dont have to fight anyone.

User Info: Mad_Cow46

9 months ago#25
Ryan doesn't actually play so he wouldn't know anything about how the Necro plays.
It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that.
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  3. What's the point of season 11 having JUST gotten Necro ?

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