POLL: Would you prefer Blizz add another class or a third gender for all classes

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User Info: Dimlhugiona

7 months ago#51
Kinny100 posted...
A third gender would be groundbreaking for games. I can't think of any other games with this choice.

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User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
7 months ago#52
Well, people are confusing gender with sexual orientation, but okay... That being said:

Dimlhugiona posted...

Adding a third option is easy. Add 4 or more, then l'd be mind blown.
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User Info: Bradk72186

7 months ago#53
rjames80 posted...
Wtf, TC? Take this s*** over to the PS4 board, where it belongs.

CyberJ posted...
No. Just no. This multiverse of gender crap needs to stop. Biology proves there are two. Case closed. No amount of feelings otherwise will ever change that.

What about herms? What gender are they?

Hermaphrodites have 1 working reproductive part. The other is more like an extra toe so to speak. It has no function. Most females are born without testicals bc they drop off before birth. However, in some cases the embryo wont develop properly and the reproductive parts remain but have no function. They are still male, female or have traits of both. There will never be another option. Those are the sexes nature has given life.

User Info: Bradk72186

7 months ago#54
Hermaphroditism is only effective in animals that have to change their chemical make up on the go...In humans, it has no function, just a missing component during the pregnancy.

User Info: elizajanegirl

7 months ago#55
Kinny100 posted...
did you include "girl" in your username just to attract attention?

I included "girl" in my name because I am female, and I have run into players that use the name Eliza Jane in their nicks even though they aren't. My name happens to be Elizabeth Jane, or Eliza Jane, which is what I go by. Including the girl was just a way for me to state my gender without most people asking. It's basically just like GoneHollow stated, I am supporting my gender, or maybe more to the point, identifying my gender. My name has really nothing to do with your poll question, which was worded incorrectly.
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User Info: rjames80

7 months ago#56
I identify as a dolphin and it's really hard to find a bathroom in most of the places I go.

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User Info: Mad_Cow46

7 months ago#57
Ahh good South Park times
It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that.

User Info: Darksteel

7 months ago#58


Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: NekoEspirito

7 months ago#59
I am personally offended and triggered that you would limit gender with a number. Pan gendered, quasi gendered, pseudo gendered, the list goes on.
Triggered, I say!

User Info: Mad_Cow46

7 months ago#60
That's a waste of the interns development time
It's a new day. Make sure to take advantage of that.
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