Your Season 10 so far

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User Info: elizajanegirl

10 months ago#351
omanojyaku posted...
Fortress Ballista. That is part of my favorite DH build now, Grenade Generator.

I think I have all the stuff for that build, but what is it exactly? I am curious to try it. I have my kridershot cubed and have the frost mitten things. I am clearing TXI using the Chill gem and with the increased damage to slowed attackers. I am going to try TXII, but I think that will be my limit, so I am trying to figure out how to push that build a little more. With that shield I am not a glass cannon, which is nice, but I also can't just stand and take damage. I am proud of myself for doing this build all alone. I am a mishmash of equipment. :)
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User Info: redundancies

10 months ago#352
Paragon 600!

I also did a 66, so that worked out well. Once I consolidate my gear in the offseason, I'll try to get to that magical 70 spot.

User Info: aywwsd87

10 months ago#353
finally beat gr70 for the first time.

paragon 620, a moderately equipped ue multishot demon hunter.

started on a wizard, got to level 70, nothing else noteworthy.

p.s. found first primal, zoey secret with fairly bad rolls.
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User Info: RollinHard

10 months ago#354
Paragon 900, hit GR84 solo last night and will try for higher tonight! Playing DH.
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User Info: LagiBait

10 months ago#355
I like the boost my non-seasonal characters get when my seasonal character rolls over. I always get a few free paragon levels, and my non-seasonal toons are all like "It's Christmas!"
There is certainly some uncertainty.

User Info: vagrant

10 months ago#356
Recently managed to finish the season journey. Will end the season with paragon 672. Conquests done were 3 legendary gems to 65, boss mode, and GR55 with 6 class sets (cluster arrow marauder, shadow impale, ue multishot, Inna generator, raiment generator, and Sunwuko lashing tail kick were the class sets/builds I completed it with).
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User Info: Takanit

10 months ago#357
Fairly satisfied with my S10. Hadn't played since S1 so I feared that I'd lose interest pretty quick, but ended up having a bunch of fun.

Played fairly casually but managed to reach Guardian, all season achievements (except conquests, only did 3), Paragon 730 and GR82 on my DH.

Could've probably pushed higher easily, but wasn't too interested in grinding more Paragon and augments.

Tried a couple other classes but the DH keeps pulling me back, playstyle just seems to fit with me.

User Info: Soulidarity

10 months ago#358
Mail is sorted. Final Paragon after combining into NS is 952. I quit season with probably more than a month to go, so I could have pushed a lot more Paragons out, but meh.
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User Info: Takanit

10 months ago#359
I had never looked at the Paragon calculations and was hoping that P727 in Season was enough to bring my P308 non-season up above 800



User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
10 months ago#360
Season is over! See ya at S11.
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