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User Info: slayernyc

7 years ago#1
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User Info: DeViLXinCaRnATe

7 years ago#2
Just play T1-T6 rifts. Literally at least 250k a rift. Plus sales from selling gold items to vendors.

Or do bounties. 50k+ gold per bounty

I earned 6m today just doing rifts.
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User Info: Glockass1

7 years ago#3
you can also do Clear the Hell Rift bounty in T6.
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User Info: enzyme36

7 years ago#4
Also there are plenty of hyper gold find items....

Gladiator Gaunlets
Gold Wraps
Kymbols Gold

... to name a few

User Info: kingdrake2

7 years ago#5
i cant remember which one.... i think it was gloves that give gold on a massacre streak that alone wont fill the coffer's up :(.
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User Info: Sasquatch8080

7 years ago#6
1.) Split normal bounties with your paragon gold find maxed
2.) Torment rifts. Preferably 1 as its fast, and you can have your paragon GF maxed while doing it
3.) Sell yellows...sometimes you need those crystals, but if you really, really, REALLY need gold, sell those bad boys instead of salvaging. You have to consider the trade-off here. Do you need mats for mystic/crafting and have money? Salvage yellows/blues. Do you have mats but need money? Sell yellows/blues.

Number 3 has to be the biggest way to make money. Last night I was down to 900k, and went to 5.5mil in about an hour just doing rifts and selling my finds. Now I am running low on mats, so time to salvage again :)
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User Info: gvandale

7 years ago#7
Rifts, bounties, and selling yellows is the most efficient way to get gold. While doing the first two, clear every cursed event for an added bonus.

Of course, the latter will cut into your crafting mat supply, so if you go this route make sure to monitor your material quantities.
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User Info: AzNmAsTeR07

7 years ago#8
These bounties are the fastest and easiest to do for the most reward from what I've found:

Act 3

The Battlefields - Clear Cryder's Outpost or Forward Barracks.

Act 4

Hell Rift - Clear the Hell Rift

These maps are tiny compared to all of the other "clear" bounty maps. Additionally, you don't even have to really search for the entrances. Cryder's Outpost and the Forward Barracks are only single level maps too. They still give the same reward as any other "clear" quest.

Also, the Hell Rift sometimes comes with a Cursed Chest, which gives you even more gold.
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