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User Info: epicgordan

2 months ago#1
Okay, so something very strange had occurred while playing through Final Fantasy VI Advance. I made it all the way up to the Opera sequence, and after getting both Stunner/Goetia formations, I decided to purposefully run out of time so that Ultros could spoil the play.

I returned to the Veldt, picked up Gau, and obtained all the other Rages I had just ran into (as well as AP grind my whole party except for Locke). I returned to Narshe because I wanted to change my party, entered Arvis' house....

...and they aren't there.

Does anybody know where they could be and how I could switch party members?


User Info: FallenStar2565

2 months ago#2
Could they still be in the Opera House, maybe?

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User Info: starboyalmas

2 months ago#3
If you spoil the play/let ultros spoil it. You have to restart it... Its not like u skipped it by getting killed.. You have 3 more chances, after that u get a gameover... and after each fail. You start outside instead of the audience seats as a single character like when the opera starts.. rest of ur party+impressario were seating beside u if u remember.. they still are there..

your progress is paused in that sequence now.

incase you play LLG (low level game), u get killed once for formation but eventually stop ultros from spoiling and progress.. slowly and carefully bypass all rats and fight ultros before time runs out. if not LLG still bypass rats for reaching ultros fast before timer runs out but u can afford 1 or 2 battles
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User Info: epicgordan

2 months ago#4
I'm talking about the reserves that claimed to be waiting back in Narshe. They even stated that I could return to Narshe at any time to change my party. Well, immediately after Zozo, I decided to go back to Narshe, and there was absolutely no one there.

User Info: Anno1987

1 month ago#5
They are all in Zozo now. When you reached the top earlier they came to meet you.
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User Info: epicgordan

1 month ago#6
Nope. Already talked to them. Even went back up to the top after Celes and Locke volunteered to return to the Empire. Nobody there. They told me to meet back at Narshe if I wanted to leave the party, and they weren't there.

Also, for some reason, I failed the Opera House sequence right before fighting Ultros, and I proceeded to head on back to Narshe, and they were completely gone. I even double-checked from an earlier save state just to make sure if this bug occurred after Zozo or during the Opera sequence, and it occurred before Zozo. Then, out of nowhere, for reasons I can't even comprehend, I failed the Opera Sequence just now today just to try and prove my point, and what-do-you-know? My party reserves were right there in Narshe.

I'm almost certain that their disappearance is either the product of a bug or my reserves constantly hide behind the lower walls and refused to move into view. I'm leaning towards the former because party reserves in Narshe basically act like the bouncy NPC's that never stop moving for one second, and they would have most certainly popped up at least once or twice otherwise.

So, why did the party reserves disappear after Zozo? I have a hunch that it has to do with Shadow. If you bring Shadow along with you to Zozo, Shadow will leave your party after you finish the events that transpire there, and you won't be able to get him back. Ergo, I wouldn't be surprised if this lock on Shadow wound up applying for every other party member in reserve as well; causing them to disappear off the face of the earth.

So, yeah. Unless somebody has a different suggestion, the party members in Narshe disappeared not because I forgot a step along the way, but because of an in-game glitch. Gau being left in the Veldt could also be considered the trigger for the glitch, but I honestly believe that because I brought Shadow along, and he left my party right as I was about ready to form my new party for the Southern Continent, that he was the one most likely responsible for this glitch occurring.
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