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User Info: snakenamedjoe

11 years ago#1
I lost my DS recently along with my copy of FFVI. I went to amazon and bought a new copy, but when I received it the cartridge looked different than I remembered. At first I thought they'd sent me a copy of FFIV by mistake as it had what looked like pictures of Rosa, Rydia, and Edward from FFIV on the front, but it is indeed FFVI. I guess the characters are supposed to be Locke, Celes, and Terra.

Everything else looks pretty legit, but the code on the front of the game is AGB-BKWE-USA.

According to the gamefaqs data page it should be AGB-P-BZ6E

Also, the model number on the back of the cartridge is AGB-004.

Every other gba game (or movie for that matter) that I have is AGB-002.

Does anyone know anything about this? Did I get a pirated copy of the game, and if so is there anything I can do about it? I've heard of people having trouble with save files and the like with pirated games. I don't want to be 20 hours into the game and get screwed. Plus, I just really don't want to support game pirates...
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User Info: KycootheGBuster

11 years ago#2
I would be highly suspicious, TBQH... It's possible that GameFAQs could have made a mistake, but what are the odds of that, as it's been out for a long time and had enough time to get corrected... My suggestion is to play a little bit of the game and see what happens. Don't go too far, but just play a little bit of it. If you're really that worried, I would sell that copy and get a brand new one...

User Info: QuietlyInsane

11 years ago#3

User Info: TriforceSD

11 years ago#4
According to a link on Ebay, it is a bootleg if it has FFIV characters. So if you are buying off ebay, make sure you see a clear picture of the gamepak. If you buy it at a store, hold onto the recipt and be ready to return if if FFIV characters make a showing on it.
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User Info: Strombada

11 years ago#5
Report the seller to Amazon as selling pirated software through their website.

Amazon is pretty good about dealing with these types of issues and will generally quickly take matters in dealing with the seller into their own hands quickly.

You may or may not get a refund from them too.
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User Info: cloudyapril

11 years ago#6
I suggest you to report back. I always hate a pirate thingy but I don't know why I like Pirate of The Caribian.

User Info: TriforceSD

11 years ago#7
Speaking of pirates, I just watched Goonies the other night. A classic.. I never played the nintendo game of it though. Is it any good?

Anyway, whoever made those pirated copies were pretty stupid. I mean...FFIV characters on the front label?? How pathetic can you get??

I read an article on malicious programs and viruses and how often times there are punctuation errors and bad grammar in the message boxes that pop up from these viruses and programs. All of this is a tall tale sign of stupid people thinking they will compromise one of our computers. These people are not the brightest despite their programming skills..
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User Info: maxxxximum

11 years ago#8
I got that same one. I got a full refund though. I got another bootleg that has the X-2 girls on the box and the game summary is for Megaman and Bass. Then I got a real one.
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