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User Info: SuricoisBoss

6 months ago#1
Going through one of those phases where I want to play final fantasy again, and decided I wanted to mix it up by doing a perfect game this time. Five is one of my favorites, and the lowest number among said favorites, so I figured I'd start there. I'm going to use this specific ruleset:

1: All four characters at max level and stats, with all jobs mastered.
2: Complete item list, highest feasible number of each item. 5 ashes from the crystals is not feasible, I'll be happy with just two
3: Full bestiary, but not max kills. That just seems a little too overkill.
4: Full ability lists
...I can't think of anything else. If, it turns out, I'm missing something obvious that I'll want to do, please remind me.

I'm also pretty sure I'm behind on outside resources. I cannot find a perfect game guide anywhere for this game, minus the perfect game guide on this site for the Japanese SNES release. I think that Djibriel's guide will be sufficient for the most part, but is there a missable item guide anywhere, so I know when and where to grind for items/gil? And are there any other resources I might want? Probably gonna start the actual game tomorrow, I'll probably have my progress up by Tuesday.
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User Info: Melodia

6 months ago#2
One trick in this version only for Gil is you can use quicksaving at Gil Turtle to amass quick a large sum -- just take a step or two, quicksave, repeat.

Also, quicksave actually forces an encounter pattern, so you will always get the same enemy party right after reloading one. This includes, for instance, movers being the second encounter in the final area.
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User Info: SuricoisBoss

6 months ago#3
Yes, I know and have abused the quicksave trick before, but thank you for reminding me of it.

That reminds me: other than the quicksave exploit, I will not be using any glitches, or bugs, or any of that (not that I can think of any beneficial ones off the top of my head). If there's anything else that stops the game from being an absolute pain, though, feel free to remind me.

Now, without further ado, I'm gonna start playing now. I'll report my progress probably by tomorrow.
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User Info: LancetJades

6 months ago#4
You might want to avoid going into Bartz's house so you keep the Memento key item for a more complete key item list.
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