The random class challenge ._.

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User Info: M_e_g_a_6_4

8 years ago#61
Bard, Ninja, Black Mage, Ranger

Think I'll try that out.

User Info: Bananamatic

8 years ago#62
It's actually pretty easy now.

Leviathan - Hope he won't Tidal Wave too much, Sword Dance for 9999, throw for 1600, attack for 1000 and !Gaia for random damage.

Triton, Nereid, Phobos - Kaiser Knuckles+Kick=1000 to all. Scrolls=700, Wind Slash=1500. Not hard.

Bahamut - !Gaia does Cave-In here, which works like Meteor - 4 hits for 5-8000 total. Attack for 2000, Throw for 2600, Sword Dance does 9999.

Level 35, only The Rift left.

User Info: M_e_g_a_6_4

8 years ago#63
I used codes to unlock the jobs, haven't done the canal yet, so I'm not far. I can already tell my Bard's gonna be dead weight until I unlock the first songs (and even then I don't know how much he'll help). Black Mage is set, and the only real problem so far is the lack of knives available at this point. Between my Ninja, Bard, and Ranger, I should have four, but I only have the two that come with Lenna/Faris. I'll keep my Ninja bare-handed for now, but the next stretch may be a tad difficult.

At least I'll have a strong offense and passable support later on.

User Info: Bananamatic

8 years ago#64
All Void bosses up to Twintania were easy.
For Twintania, just hold it until Gigaflare and hope Assassin Dagger one-hits him. If not, restart.
Necrophobe wasn't easy either, hope for a lot of Sword Dances.

Exdeath=easy, as always.

Neo is manageable at level 36 with this party, Wall Rings take care of the spells while killing the bottom right part with 1 hit removes Almagest which only Monk can survive.
Then make sure the remaining part won't get any turns, or Meteo will pwn you in 1-2 turns.

User Info: MoneyBags210

8 years ago#65
time mage, knight, red mage, dragoon over here. This should be fun seeing as everyone thinks it is.
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User Info: M_e_g_a_6_4

8 years ago#66
Up to Sol Cannon on my party: Ninja (Bartz), Black Mage (Lenna), Bard (Galuf), Ranger (Faris)

The biggest weakness to my team is lack of reliable healing, but even that hasn't been an issue. Only bosses I think I've had to restart on were Sand Worm and that fire shapeshifter, the latter only because I kept trying to get the Fire Bow. The best defense is a good offense, as bosses aren't giving me much trouble.

My Ninja is kicking ass so far. He's the only one on my front row, but between my great offense and Image for longer battles, he can hang in there well. Haven't even bothered using Throw yet, no need. Smoke's nice at times to break the monotony and build up the Chicken Knife. Definitely my main brawn of the team.

My Ranger also has good offense, and from the back row too, though she doesn't get the second hit my Ninja does (yet, anyway). The Animals command is definitely underrated, as Squirrel and Bee Swarm do fair damage to one/multiple enemies respectively, and Nightingale heals my team for ~250HP each, which is very nice. Of course, once I get the 4x attack I may retire Animals, but it may still be handy later on.

My Black Mage is also pure offense. Switch to the proper rod and cast spells for solid damage. Hell, I could probably get away with using L1 magic constantly and still do fair damage while being able to last to the next save point. I don't know yet if I'm gonna bother saving up for Flame Rings for healing. Hell, with this team I may not even need them.

My Bard is the weak link of my team. His offense and defense are horrible, and Hide is useless on my team since the best thing he could really do is throw potions or take a hit for one of my other characters. I finally got some songs, and he may finally be useful, at least in normal battles. Alluring Air has a good chance of confusing enemies, and it's made my life easier so far. Less enemies targeting my guys. Hopefully he'll get even better once I get more songs. Definitely not a fun class to start with, but once I get his most powerful songs I may be singing praises for the guy yet.

So yeah, there's not really any strategy with my team so far, but then the World 1 bosses are pretty straightforward anyway. We'll see how long pure offense can last.

User Info: M_e_g_a_6_4

8 years ago#67
Haven't had much time to play recently. Don't think SolCannon, Archaeoavis, or the six-bomb bosses gave me much trouble. Had to throw a shuriken at Titan and the Chimera palette-swap, but I weathered their attacks easily. I was worried about having my Bard solo Gilgamesh, but turns out Main Gauche + Elven Cloak makes Galuf a dodging machine. I evaded most hits, and Regen helped soak up whatever damage I took. I had to use one Potion, but I managed to finally take him down despite only doing 75HP damage a hit.

Things are going well so far.


8 years ago#68



This is gonna suck.
Current FFT challenges: SCC Ninja, SCC Calc.
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User Info: ereagon1234

8 years ago#69
finished with a team of mystic knight, ninja, bard, and team was pretty darn good..hardest part was neo exdeath
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User Info: Exkalipoor

8 years ago#70
Challenges beaten:
-Dancer, Chemist, Black Mage, Summoner LV 47
-Knight, Berserc, Samurai, Geomancer LV 47

actual challenges:

-Thief, Monk, Hunter, Hunter LV 35 last Dungeon
-Redmage, Whitemage, Timemage, Hunter World 1 before Ronka
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