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  3. Auto-Save isn't working! HELP!

User Info: dshuster

11 years ago#1
I am unable to autosave. The last checkpoint that is saved is in the Farm caverns. I beat the entire farm, but when I loaded the game, it started me from the farm checkpoint again. I lost a ton of my progress. Can anyone help?:

User Info: radiantwings

11 years ago#2
I am thinking it may be a virus, or the disc corrupts the Xbox's.

User Info: Gogo_Fighter

11 years ago#3
Im having the same trouble... all the dates on the saved games are wrong too... ie game I played yesterday claims to be from 2005. Something occult must going on, to put it mildly.

User Info: PVTGREY

11 years ago#4
^Did you cut the power (pull out plug) from the 360. You do know the times get reset to factory if you do. That's why I bothered to change the time/date to what present time was, cause the save system bumps the saves to the presentest date (top) to oldest date (bottom). It also does it to auto-save file to. So when you choose to continue the game, it loads up the top save.

User Info: dave88rock

11 years ago#5
SET YOUR CLOCK - It worked for me.
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  3. Auto-Save isn't working! HELP!
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