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User Info: speedymcspeedy

11 years ago#1
ya, I've been playing for a bit the game seemed to always have trouble saving(why they didn't give the option for manual save is beyond me), but now no matter how much I do it won't save the game any more,it last saved after accepting the hospital mission and the SS headquarters mission. But even if I complete one or both missions it keeps coming back to the same area, and refuses to save, it says chechpoint saving and all that, but doesn't, I always have to recollect the tomes, gold, intel over and over and over again,(I've done it like five times now) anyone know if there's a reason for this or is it normal to not save properly.

User Info: ProzacDeluxe

11 years ago#2
it´s a problem with your system clock. go and look through the save list manually. there will be a bunch of saves with the same date (something with 2005 or so). One of these will be your latest save.

User Info: yummyhandful

11 years ago#3
can you delete the older unneeded saves? or will that mess the whole thing up? and how do you set the internal clock?
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