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User Info: PhantomGenises

2 years ago#1
So I have the Mass Effect Trilogy on the PS3, but I own an Xbox One and I want to play ME there. Since they aren't going to make a Mass Effect Definitive Edition for the Xbox One anytime soon (Unfortunately...), I figured that I need to just go ahead and get the game on Xbox 360 to use the One's backwards compatibility feature.

Since the nearest Gamestop closed and the local game store doesn't have it either, I'm going to have to go look around and find it or order it online. But before I even buy it, I've got a few questions.

So I know that the Mass Effect Trilogy has all the DLC in it already. Like with Mass Effect, the DLC is already on the disc, and I don't need to input a code or anything to get the Bring Down the Sky DLC. That works on Xbox 360 and PS3, but how about on Xbox One?

If I were to find and buy the game, then play it on Xbox One, would I already have the DLC? I asked someone on Reddit who had questions about the game as well, and they said they didn't know since they were using the EA Vault Access and not the actual disc. But I want to own the Trilogy pack.

Will I need to buy the DLC off of the marketplace even though I bought the Trilogy bundle, or will everything already be there already, and I can just go ahead and play the game in its fullest, all content unlocked?

Also, if I can't get the game brand new, what about a pre-owned copy? WIll it sitll work right even though it's used, or will I be missing something?

I have no idea if this question has been asked before, but if it has, I haven't found it yet.

User Info: LordTrinen

2 years ago#2
If the DLC is already on the disk you should have no problem playing it on the X1. Doesn't matter if it is new or used.

User Info: Wolf Kage

Wolf Kage
2 years ago#3
I thought the ME Trilogy didn't come with the DLC?

User Info: charlton3k

2 years ago#4
Do you guys know what dlc is included if I get ea access? All, some or none?
"Gosh, bro. You sure know a lot." "Yeah, I know.."
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