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User Info: Ares421

2 years ago#1
Ok, here is my situation:

1) I didn't know how to properly use the gas grenades
2) I didn't know you could use melee, or even how to melee
3) I ended up killing all the colonists
4) I like to only have one save file, and have since saved over the file before I killed them all

Is there a way to make up for this?

User Info: LordTrinen

2 years ago#2
Technically it is possible for the colony to be considered "saved" even if you kill most or all of the colonists. You have to convince that Jeong guy to help the colony and later spare Shiala. What's the status on these situations? Also did you complete any of those side missions to help restore power, water, food and take out the transmitter before everything started going crazy?
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