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User Info: naddestroyer

7 years ago#241
Mr_Collins posted...
You do realize, of course, that no one who actually thinks that will ever see your post, as it's hidden behind loads of other questions on the 19th page.

Why am I even responding...

But of course then there is people like me who like to read every post in stickied topics. Sorry I couldn't help myself lol. This topic has been helpful to me thanks.

User Info: Osgoroth

7 years ago#242
Withinit posted...
just a quick question that might be noted here already, but I didnt find.
if you finish your first playthrough, and go into a new game+
will this effect your first playthrough? lets say you choose to let some people live/die in the second playthrough. will this change the first savefile/playthrough?

When you start a New Game +, it stays in the same "profile" (since you're using the same character) but you could save in a new save slot, thus keeping your "Playthrough 1" save somewhere and still having a "Playthrough 2" save.

When importing your saves to ME2, you have to choose a save specifically, so you can choose to import your save from Playthrough 1, or the one from Playthrough 2.

Depending on what you have achieved in those playthroughs will affect the bonuses you get in ME2 (You can't reach lvl 60 in Playthrough 1, so you won't get that bonus if that's the one you choose to import, etc.)
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User Info: Stonedwolfed

6 years ago#243
mattman127 posted...
I landed on Eden Prime and changed the difficulty to Insanity. Will I still get the achievment when I beat the game?

Yes. Just switch to Insanity before you touch the bacon. I mean beacon.
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User Info: ninkendo

6 years ago#244
okay just to make sure I can do this

I finished the game on Normal just now

Can I create a new character for Hardcore, but then import my original character for Insanity?
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User Info: scipiopublius

5 years ago#246
Which missions count toward an ally achievement? Like all the random Citadel quests (inside the Citadel) count or just off world ones?


User Info: Finnegan

5 years ago#247
All of them, Citadel side missions included.

User Info: peanutt121

5 years ago#248
Either there has been some patching or there's some misinformation in this thread. There was a statement made concerning omnitools and bioamps not carrying over in a New Game+. I just started a second playthrough of my first character to get her to 60 and everything I had including all Savant X items were all there. And it doesn't duplicate Shepard's equipment, what you see in your inventory is all the stuff your squad had when you finished the first runthrough. Hope this clarifies things a bit.

My Shepard was a soldier in the first attempt at this so she had neither bioamp or omnitool equiped to duplicate or carry over.
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User Info: peanutt121

5 years ago#249
Also I don't know if this is common knowledge but all armor and weapons equiped by your squad will still have the upgrades attached when you start a New Game+ as well so remember to remove them by equiping them to someone before you sell or omnigel them or you lose the upgrades.
I may very well be the oldest member of the site, but I am far from the dumbest :)

User Info: peanutt121

5 years ago#250
For those still not sure how much of the game is needed to get ally achievements, I just did a second run through with my first level 50 Shepard with Liara (Asari) and Garrus (Turrian). I did only what it took to get Wrex and Tali on the Citadel and went to get Liara. Doing Therum, Feros, and all side quests (got all things on all planets for the exp), Bring down the Sky, Pinnacle Station, and started Noveria. I also got out of the Mako to kill as much as possible with the exception of some Hazard condition planets, pretty much only using the Mako for travel. During Pinnacle Station I got the Turrian ally achievement and during the Hotel section of Noveria I got the Asari ally. So it is quite easy to get all the ally achievements if you do all the side quest missions, even for Liara.

Not sure yet if getting to level 60 can be done in two runthroughs as I haven't finished second run yet. it may be close as it takes close to 200,000 exp to go from level 59 to 60. I have most of Noveria, all of Vermire, Ilos, and the endgame to do yet. It's definitely easier to get a New Game+ Shepard to 60 in two runs because you can get the new one to at least level 55 on the first run.

When I'm done I'll update on the level 60 progress.
I may very well be the oldest member of the site, but I am far from the dumbest :)
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