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User Info: Mr_Collins

9 years ago#221
Well, for one thing, I never buy a game I've not played. At least not for $60. I don't whine about the price of games, but I'm not spending $60 frivolously.

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to play yet simply because I haven't visited my brother in a while.

Second, as you mentioned, the RPG changes don't thrill me, although the gameplay changes do seem to be a step forward. Overall it's a wash, so I'm not chomping at the bit to get it.

Third, I've simply lost interest. Chalk it up to the delay, the changing life conditions, or old-man-itis, but it's a fact.

User Info: Johnnytahu

9 years ago#222

I've also made a sperate topic about this. But I'll post it here too.

This is probably a familier question, but I am unable to get the human Onyx X armor. Many sources say you can buy it at aldrin labs. But all I see there is Onyx IV. And others say I need a 50/55 level. But I am already level 57 and it is still not availible at the Aldrin labs. Is this supposed to happen?

Just in case class matters.

i am a Soldier Earthborn sole survivor. LvL 57 atm And with combat armor skill maxed out

I'd be happy if anyone could tell me.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Mr_Collins

9 years ago#223
Well, there's really no Aldrin Labs location, you just buy the license and that's what the NRO stocks.

Anyway, it's random loot, just like everything else. You're high enough level, so just keep trying.

User Info: Nilfalasiel

9 years ago#224
I've only just bought ME1 and 2, and am currently at the planning stage to get the achievements for ME1. I thought I had it figured out, but it turns out that something still confuses me. I've heard that it's possible to obtain all the achievements in 3 playthroughs: a new character every time, as soldier, adept and engineer to get the ability-related achievements, keeping the same 2 party members throughout most of the game (a different pair on each playthrough), hardcore difficulty on the 2nd playthrough, and insanity on the 3rd.

But what about the level caps? Is it not possible to go from 1 to 60 in one playthrough (not first) once you've unlocked level 60? Does it have to be the same character who goes from 1 to 50, then from 50 to 60 in a new game +? If this is the case, then it contradicts the "everything in 3 playthroughs" statement. You'd need a minimum of 3 + however long it takes to get from 50 to 60.

Or have I just completely misunderstood something?

User Info: Mr_Collins

9 years ago#225
Short version: You heard wrong. You'll need to re-run one of those characters to get to level 60, thus it'll take you 4 runs.

Long version: You can still technically do it in 3 runs by getting the weapon achievements with the other classes. This can be a pain in the butt as they only receive Pistol training, making that weapon the only one they'll ever be good with, but it is doable.

A less painful compromise is to run a Soldier through some of the early enemy-heavy areas to get the required number of kills on each weapon then basically discard that character having gotten everything useful out of him. This way you're still only doing 3 full runs.

Personally, I think the Short version solution is the best as it allows you to take your favorite of the three classes on Insanity, even if your favorite is Soldier.

User Info: Nilfalasiel

9 years ago#226
Ok, thanks for clearing that up ^^

User Info: Johnny_Sebre

9 years ago#227
Useful tip with stasis and the Mako

When riding the mako, sometimes you wanna kill enemies on foot for the full exp. But you are probably facing many enemies and you dont want to just stand there in the open, being gunned to your death. You can hide behind the mako, but the mako will take damage and you might not be able to ride it again.

The trick is that you have some biotic use the stasis move on the Mako itself and it will be shielded from damage for the duration of Stasis. So you can stay behind the Mako and be shielded from most enemies.

I have not tried this, but if you get Stasis mastery, then this tip probably becomes useless for you.

This tip isnt known by many and I'm looking for a way to spread this around.
The Game. You just lost.

User Info: FearOfTheLight

9 years ago#228
I've got a question regarding armour: So I'm playing as a Sentinel based class and stand at LvL 44 currently, I 've found the Armax Predator VIII armour from Expat and am just gonna start BDTS DLC, I wanted to know which Armours would you receive for completing Asteroid X57? (Am itching for the Armax Predator X-rare version as well as Colossus version)

Also I possess a Logic Arrest VIII Omni-tool so would the Omnitool reward from BDTS be worth for my class???
"When I'm walking a dark road, I am a man who walks alone" - Iron Maiden

User Info: Mr_Collins

9 years ago#229
Whatever you take, you won't be getting top level loot, so I'm tempted to say it won't matter.

But I won't...

At level 44, you should be getting the Colossus armor and probably the Savant Omni-Tool, but you're looking at the level VIII versions.

What that means is that you'll be discarding them eventually anyway.

So just take your biggest need at the moment.

User Info: kayin72

8 years ago#230
i started a game as an adept, and leveled up to the point where i had throw lift barrier stasis warp and singularity, and i landed on a random planet saved it then did all the skills just at the ground and then loaded and repeated, i did easily over 80, but the only one i got was barrier, so besides stasis which i found out i need a target my question is wtf? and before getting all the skills i had used the starter sets and still nothing.
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