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User Info: LifePlayingGame

2 years ago#1
I just made a new file up to chapter 9-2 and started working on grinding/item world so i could make better items. Thus far, I've gotten up to 50-60 level specialists but it's still a long trek ahead. Against my better judgement i decided to engage the Prinny Pirate Leader with level 80-90 characters while the Leader was 432. I managed to kill it(barely, the Healer was the only one left alive that was 80ish) thus bringing my Maps up to 5.

Anyways, i have a few questions that I'm not really sure about which are mostly about Lovers:

1. If I have a Common Dark Rosary that has a Lover on it does this mean if I find a Rare or Legendary Dark Rosary I cannot have a Lover on it?

2. Is the 25 Lover Maximum an absolute max(meaning you can't have that max on any other piece of equipment) or is it just a general maximum per piece.

These questions are just general Item World questions that i need clarification on:

1. How do you determine what is best to steal and I'm not saying 100 floor Legendary items aren't great but if i steal every Legendary from any enemy i see that's going to eat through my storage space very quickly.

2. Are steal rates based on your level as my 86 Trickster couldn't seem to steal a World Muscle from a 101 enemy(well ok, it was 1% but that's not exactly reassuring)?

3. How should items that have specialists be gathered as specialist below at least 5 specialists sound like an awful waste of space?

I know the board is mostly dead but any help would be great.

User Info: demonguardian

2 years ago#2
1.1 - Nope, Lovers on one item does not interfere with the spam of other Lovers in different items. You just can't spam a Lover in the same item if one has already spam on it before. Just in case you don't know yet, it's better to farm Lovers in Legendary items; Common ones always spam 1 Lover, Rare spam 2 and Legendary 3 (all in terms of their "power", the number beside the specialist's name, not quantity - as mentioned, it's one Lover spam per item)

1.2 - 25 is the cap for effectiveness (and the max "power" a single Lover specialist can obtain). You can have several "power" 25 Lovers in a piece of equipment (or spread out in different items), but the effect will stop increasing with the first one.


2.1 - Depends on what you're aiming for. If you're interested in Lovers, just steal any Legendary items (edit: above rank 5) you come across. If you're looking for a certain specialist, you'll have to be more selective. Some specialists are fixed/guaranteed to be in an item (e.g. Mentors in Seraphic Bows and Heroic Guns, Armsmasters in 100 Fists, Gladiators in belt acc, etc). There was a list of common specialists to look after in a topic here, but I don't remember the name (had it in the bookmarks, but eventually deleted it), but you can do the work yourself and look at the item list in the wiki:
(IIRC it doesn't have all of them, but it does the job well enough). With that said, sometimes it's faster to just buy the item in the store than to look for it to steal.
Eventually you will need to worry about inventory space, but it's mostly a matter of organizing yourself and your gaming sessions (i.e. when you're done stealing items, do what you stole them for: farming lovers/specialists in general, along with the commodity Mr. Gencys. When you're done, you can just sell the items). Most of the time (at least when you're strong enough), you won't even need the item itself, you just went to the trouble for what was inside them. Also, if you take a look of all the "garbage" you collected, you'll probably find a few items that you don't even need, and can sell them right away because your priorities have changed.

2.2 - There are a lot of factors that determine the steal rate. Check Prometheusx303's FAQ "Character Guide", stealing section (FRM-08). Or, if you don't want to understand the mechanic/math and just want the numbers, use the calculator:

2.3 - Not sure if I understand the question... you mean specialists like Teacher/Mediator, Hypnotic, Firefighter, Professional and such? Those have an effective cap of 100 (IIRC Professional can go beyond 100, but the actual effect stops at that point), so it's not that bad. Even if you fing a good *stat* specialist, like Gladiator, remember that they cap at 19998...
If you're refering to Collectors, their sole purpose is to match rarity, so it's actually a good thing for them to come in single digits (and usually not a great idea to fuse them together). They always come with 1 "power", with the exception of the ones in the lv 1 equipment from the samurai on Map 6-1 (first encounter only/once per playthrough).

User Info: genestealer

2 years ago#3
To increase your chance of stealing items, you basically want to:
-Be at a high level
-Be a Thief-type class
-Have Thief lovers on your gear, preferrably the max of 25
Higher enemy level, higher item rank, and rare/legendary status all make the item harder to steal. The HIT of the hand used is factored in as well, but it's more practical to just raise the thief's level.

Also, specialist farming is not very effective at the point you're at, you power up much faster by increasing the shop rank and buying better gear. To do that you need a lot of money. Incidentally, the item world is a pretty good option for that, by going for chests and geo combos, selling loot and working your way up the item ranks. Getting 99+ felonies for your main party can speed up things a lot too since they let you sell higher, buy cheaper, and pass any assembly bills easily.

Once you've maxed out shop rank you can consider going for specialists, as you can buy equipment with the ones you need, and also because higher rank equipment = higher level specialists. This doesn't apply to lovers of course, as they always spawn at the same levels (3 for legendary equipment).

Pure stat specialists are never really worth farming for IMO, but "functional" specialists can help you out a lot and reach their effective cap pretty quickly.

User Info: LifePlayingGame

2 years ago#4
Well, i guess the 10m HL isn't going to be useful otherwise so i guess i better start raising the rank I have actually done this to a point the reason i stopped was I was worried my party would not be able to handle the enemies but i guess i can find out that later for a fact.

Also, thanks for the great info i'll be looking at those sites for sure as they will be tremendously helpful.I appreciate all the help.

User Info: LifePlayingGame

2 years ago#5
Point taken on the money part holy hell 26 million for one item. Time to get to work making money.
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