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User Info: Po-Rayu

3 years ago#1
In the first Disgaea I liked having a succubus around for Hip Attack which made it hard to kill. Unfortunately, it's spells weren't very proficient due to low intelligence. Is a succubus viable in this game due to the INT monster equips? Is it worth getting a succubus? Thanks!

User Info: demonguardian

3 years ago#2
I can't really say by experience, I've never used monsters in my playthroughs. Not extensively, anyway.

I'll say, though, that no char is an "invalid" choice. If you play your cards right, (almost) everything can work. And I say "almost" because of very specific things, like the ability to throw (CoO5 is literaly impossible without at least 2 Knights), which monsters don't have.

Succubus' evility is more offensive oriented (bonus dmg to male units) so it won't help in taking hits. It's still a great ability nonetheless. Her skills, however, seems to work on your defensive playstyle - according to Prometheus' Character Guide, the class has 2 ways of healing herself : Hip Attack, that uses ATK, and Drain, which uses INT (and targets up to 3 enemies). She can also heal units adjacent to her with Sexy Heal (uses RES, buffs DEF by 20%, but can't target herself with it). Even her last attack, Nightmare, is a little on the supportive side, as it can inflict Sleep, one of the best status in the game.

Stat-wise, she is only mediocre defensively, and if you want a tank, there are better options (Taro or a Knight with a spear, for example). Wood Golems are a very good candidate for that role as well, but you get those very late in the game (somewhere in the final chapter).

With all that said, if you like her, go for it. She seems like a very solid choice IMHO.

User Info: Po-Rayu

3 years ago#3
Thank you. That was an extensive analysis. I will most likely obtain one. They seem better than in the first game.

User Info: genestealer

3 years ago#4
Succubus works as an offensive unit, but doesn't have the defenses to use its absorbing skills to become an unkillable tank. They do help it become more independent though.

Drain and Nightmare are both decently strong attacks fueled by their high INT, Nightmare in particular offers power and flexibility in targeting, although the SP cost can be prohibitive early on. They have a "do more damage ability" that doesn't require them to be in critical health, and all the tankiest units are male, so it's pretty good considering. They are the natural enemy of Dragon Zombies (most monsters count as male).

Sexy Heal can be used for support with its DEF increase, the healing effect can mostly be overlooked though. Hip Attack is significantly weaker than Drain since it's powered by ATK, but is more SP efficient and doesn't require the positioning.

For any INT-based monster you'll want to teach them a spell of the element they have the highest affinity with, to take advantage of elemental weaknesses and for SP efficiency. They won't come close to the power of a staff wielding humanoid, but then, nothing in the game does.

Unlike physical monster weapons, the magical ones don't offer much of a HIT bonus, which you have to be mindful of since skills can miss in this game. It should not pose a problem if you use Domination though. Other than INT, Succubus stats are pretty average, which translates to low for monsters since their main advantage is high stats (and the ability to capture them instead of leveling).

User Info: Po-Rayu

3 years ago#5
Great analysis. I'm finding that spell casters have filled out my roster and I may not need a succubus, especially since most of my allies are female.

User Info: Po-Rayu

3 years ago#6
I've been using the succubus. She's not bad!
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