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User Info: bsperan

3 years ago#1

Players should not expect to reload story maps in Disgaea 2, looking for a certain item to be rare or legendary, with the same probability one could find them in Disgaea 1. Yes, the method does work. But I think it's a huge waste of time. It would be much more fruitful to look for a rare or legendary in the Item World and/or keep an eye on the Bonus Lists.


I remember back when I played Disgaea 1 when, rarely, I tried reloading a story map over and over again until I the boss had a rare or legendary version of a certain item. I sometimes did this if it was something very rare and valuable, like a Testament. It took a lot of reloads, but I did get a couple of nice items that way.

More recently, I tried this trick with Disgaea 2. According to my estimates:

* There are 256 possible rarities, ranging from 0 to 255.
* Legendary means rarity 0 through 7 (8 possibilities out of 256).
* 256 / 8 = 32 | Thus, there should (in theory) be a 1 in 32 chance for a given item to be legendary.
* Rare means rarity 8 through 31 (or 24 possibilities). 256 / 24 = 10.67 | Thus, about 1 in 11 should be rare (in theory). Rare or legendary means rarity 0 through 31 (or 32 possibilities). 256 / 32 = 8 | Thus, about 1 in 8 should be either rare or legendary (in THEORY).

However, in my experience, the occurrence of rare and especially legendary items is much, much less. So, with my observations, I have to conclude that, instead of using a straight roll of the virtual dice, Disgaea 2 likely weights their rarity formula to make rare and legendary rarer than one might expect.

Example: I tried to get a legendary Dark Rosary in Episode 3-3, "Corpse Garden," on my first play through. I kept track of my attempts to pass the time. I used a pencil and made marks in sets of 5. After counting well over 120 attempts (I forget the exact amount now), I gave up in frustration. I saw several rare Dark Rosary, but never legendary.

Granted, the example above could have just been the virtual dice rolling really, really badly. It happens. But, I have tried for other legendary items on other story maps and I was equally frustrated.

That said, late in my game after a bit of leveling I decided to try the final story map just to see how much stronger my characters became and how easy the boss would be. I did not plan to finish the game, yet. After the map loaded, I noticed that he was equipped with a legendary Arcadia - like I had wanted and repeatedly tried to get on earlier attempts!

(Sadly, I accidentally got the "worst" ending and had to face the post-boss boss, who I was not prepared to fight. I did not realize that allies dying through the process of trying to capture a monster will count towards ally kills! I was shocked by this!)

User Info: TheEvilCubi

3 years ago#2

User Info: demonguardian

3 years ago#3
Yeah, some of us had figured that as well. I believe ulillillia briefly mentioned it in one of his videos.

About the legendary Arcadia, I believe most of us passed through something similar. Farming for something for a long time and, upon giving up on it (or, alternatively, making a topic here about it), getting it immediately afterwards. The RNG God doesn't discriminate - it hates all of us equally.

User Info: aces4839

3 years ago#4
You only get bad endings if Adell has felonies. No felonies = no problem. He can pass a bill to wipe his slate clean and still maintain the extra EXP boost.
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