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User Info: meundies

3 years ago#1
I'm not really feeling this game. I've been taking my time finishing the story and really don't see myself pushing into the post game stuff very much. I think the felony system is a big turn off for me.

Is 3 going to be like 2? I want to psyche myself up to move on and play it in hopes that it's a lot better!
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User Info: demonguardian

3 years ago#2
Yeah, most of us also hate the felony system... But is that really all that's bothering you? It's not like it is essential to the game or anything, it just make some things faster (but still way slower than farming Statisticians). Granted, if you were planning to max levels (including stored levels through reincarnation) and all that, it's considerably faster with the 4x EXP, but still...

I can't talk much about D3, as I haven't played it myself (I've only watched a LP of it), but I didn't took much interest on it. The setting, the characters, the plot... I didn't find them that good. I did like some of the approaches, like:
- going a little more in depth on how demons think, their customs etc
- the combination/follow-up skills was nice, I guess (I think it could've been better, though)
- learning skills seemed a little weird to me at first, but it looked like it gave a lot more flexibility
- more flexibility with evilities
- power leveling seems a LOT faster when compared to the previous games.
Again, this is just my opinion. An opinion that I've came up with by watching an LP, and that maybe it would've been different if I had played it myself.

User Info: Melodia

3 years ago#3
One thing to consider with felonies if you didn't know, you can have up to nine characters get them at once by throwing a tower into the court.
Still annoying but much easier than first glance.
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User Info: cyan1001

3 years ago#4
disgaea 2 was the worst disgaea game to me

User Info: meundies

3 years ago#5
cyan1001 posted...
disgaea 2 was the worst disgaea game to me

Gotta agree. Starting on 3 and already really into it...
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User Info: aces4839

3 years ago#6
That's really opinion-based. 2 is and still is my favorite to date.
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