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User Info: Rokndad09

10 years ago#61
I'm playing right now but have a question about the belts.
What exactly is the point of the belts and should I equip one on a character, and what character should I equip one with?

User Info: Prometheusx303

10 years ago#62
It's just another type of equipment, with benefits and drawbacks. Equip one if it suits your needs. Otherwise, don't.
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User Info: Prometheusx303

10 years ago#63
Attention Everyone: I have to leave for a very long time, probably forever, so I won't be able to update my FAQs, update this Sticky, or help anyone out with anything. I also won't be able to finish figuring out the damage formula. I'm pretty much 100% NOT available. Sorry for the inconvenience. I've done more than enough for all of you already.

User Info: leehg5925

10 years ago#64

;_; - Disgaea artworks available too!
KOTOKO Horikawa's songs are just too awesome, I love almost all of them!

User Info: Starsoul_klr

10 years ago#65
Well, thanks to this I know to stop trying to get lovers off my starting equipment...
All hail the sticky!
Dark Knight the best Super Hero Movie of the Year? Absurd...
Dark Knight the best Film of the Year? Now we're talking...

User Info: Relle

10 years ago#66
Good lord, this is a large sticky. Why isn't most of this just in a regular FAQ?

User Info: Prometheusx303

10 years ago#67
I just never got around to doing that...
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User Info: cloaa

9 years ago#68
What is the fastest way to get Lv 1900 Armsmaster ?

User Info: johnny688o

9 years ago#69
Buying alot of FISTS
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User Info: zodac_spear

9 years ago#70
zodac timeless post
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