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    Q : How can I level up my characters using Neko's?
    A :
    You can level up characters in 4-3, but it is not the most efficient method for leveling. But the basics behind Neko leveling are...

    1) Capture some level 9999 Nekos (4-5 is a good number)
    2) Go to stage 4-3 and level up all the enemies to level 9999
    3) Use a character to lure a Neko across the bridge
    4) Once in range, move the character you want to level AND a neko near the enemy. Have the character you are leveling pick up the Neko and perform a tower attack. The EXP will be split between the neko and the character you are leveling
    5) Get another character to pick up the neko/leveling character tower
    6) End turn

    On the next turn 1 of 2 things will happen:

    a) A heap of Nekos will swarm your tower and the bottom character will be killed
    b) No Nekos will move

    If a), your tower gets attacked then only the bottom character will be attacked. Your leveling character and the neko will survive untouched. So on your next turn you kill another neko using the tower attack, then bring out another sacrifice to pick up the tower again and end the turn.

    If b), no Nekos move then you need to get more nekos into range. Pick up the tower with another 2 characters and throw the tower deeper into the map. Attack another neko if you want the EXP split between the 3 characters in the tower, or just end the turn. On the nekos next turn they will attack the tower, kill the bottom character and end the turn. On your turn attack a neko, pick up the tower and end the turn.

    Rinse and repeat the process.

    You will eventually run out of sacrifices, at which point you mop up the map with the neko from the top of the tower and earn A LOT of HL. I would suggest to stop the leveling so that 1 neko can always be pulled out to help with the clearing of the map just to make sure you never lose the map. (e.g., have 1 character to level, 2 nekos and 7 sacrifices).


    Q : What is a more effective method of leveling?
    A : Read the next section