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    Contributed by LordMagus:

    Capturing is a great way to add monsters to your team without having to create them and level them up. Capturing your first monster also allows you to create the Beastmaster character class after passing the "Make a Tamer" bill in the Dark Assembly (10 mana). However, you must follow certain guidelines in order to successfully capture monsters, so listen up!

    Capture an enemy by throwing it into your Base Panel (the blue square your characters come out of). You must have characters still in the base panel for a chance to capture successfully.

    You can only capture MONSTERS. This includes "Über" monsters from the Land of Carnage; these monsters keep their boosted stats until you reincarnate them, at which point you lose that bonus forever.

    You CANNOT capture humanoids, clones, innocents, pirates, chests, or "bosses" (such as Gate Guardians, Item Generals/Kings/Gods, certain storyline monsters, or any "unique" character). Quite sure you cannot capture any monsters inside an Item World mystery gate, either.

    You know how you have to level up a tier of humanoid classes to a certain level before the next tier is open in the Dark Assembly? Monsters work the same way. You can only capture monsters you can CREATE in the Dark Assembly. Open the lowest tier by killing any monster in that class once. Then either create one and level it up to the appropriate level, or capture one of the requisite level to open up the next tier. Rinse and repeat to unlock all tiers. (NOTE: After capturing a monster, you must revive it at the hospital before the next tier unlocks in the dark assembly. So no capturing a bunch of tiers of the same monster in one item world run).

    Now, after selecting the target that catches your fancy, you throw it into the Base Panel. The monster will then engage in "battles" with the characters in your Base Panel, randomly chosen, until all your characters are killed or the monster is defeated. (If anyone tells you it only fights 10 characters, don't listen to them). Many people say the monster should be no more than twice the level of the strongest character in the base panel, and this is somewhat helpful. However, the actual battles are more dependent on stats. If you have a level 1 character with leveled up powerful equipment, they can defeat a level 9999 monster thrown in your panel. Likewise, a level 30 naked Nekomata could be defeated by a level 60 Uber Shadow Orc, for example. Similarly, it helps to weaken the monster as much as possible before throwing them in your base.

    If all your characters are killed, the Base Panel will be destroyed with the monster standing in its place. If the monster is defeated in the base, you will get a message so indicating. If the capture is successful (and maybe even if it isn't), any allies killed in the Base Panel count as ALLY KILLS. Keep this in mind if you're shooting for the better endings.

    Capturing can thus be used to get very powerful monsters on your team quite early and with little effort. Keep an eye out for stages with "Enemy Level Up 10%" geo panels, or stages where you can combine monsters by throwing them together. First capture a monster twice the level of your strongest character (or thereabouts). Then revive that monster, equip it, and capture one double THAT monster's level. Repeat this process until you have as strong a monster as you want. Keep in mind, this can quickly rob the game of any challenge if you rely on your captured monsters too much.

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