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User Info: avalanche_wong

11 years ago#1
Does anyone have codes for the Pal version?
I tried the codes from the official Gameshark site and they didn't work at all (I got Gameshark v4, neither this nor the broadband versions of the codes worked).

I just tried the 2nd map of the last ep and I'll quit right here and now if there are no available cheats.
I mean the last map was so easy and now they really did it and used the geo effects to create the same grind problem as in CoO3 in D1, yet this time in the main game.
I can't ****ing believe they force you to beat the entire map with enemy boost x3.
I used my Heavy Knight with nearly 4000 HP, over 600 def and maxed on the shield spell (enough to almost solo the previous map without healing) but he didn't last even 2 rounds.

I had tried to walk to the geo symbol but I obviously didn't make it far.
Then I tried the same only with spamming Magic Wall and taking out the mages first so I could get rid of the No Lifting Geo Symbol and throw a character to get rid of the Enemy Boost x3 Geo Symbol but that doesn't work either because you can't even walk that way but have go through the other enemies anyway.

Both walkthroughs I'm using suggest grinding till lvl 75 (20 more lvls) and I most definitely won't do that, so unless I can find working cheats I'll quit right here and now.

PS: This is exactly why I say the map design in this game is utter crap.
I'm sure that even if we had written 1,000 text messages back and forth, our hearts probably wouldn't have moved even 1 centimeter closer.

User Info: Bloodbane_zero

11 years ago#2
Dude you don’t need to fight the enemies with 3x boost, in fact i haven't seen a single map that makes it impossible to get of rid of 3x boosts or 50% panels.

all you really have to do in this stage is to get rid of 3 elemental mages and then make your way with lifting until you reach the 20% damage panel (of course you will not be trying to beat the cat girls with the 3x boost, just make your way though the corner near the no lifting geo panel) and throw it down, wait 5 turns and all that is left is a single wood golem and the 3x boost panel.

by the way be prepared for the dark world maps, they are far more annoying than the normal ones + that wicked sun doing all sort of things with your party!

User Info: Coryney

11 years ago#3
LMFAO @ avalanche wong, U say you have spent a heap of time on D1 yet you cant even handle a pissy map like this ??? OH NO, THERE ARE X3 eNEMY PANELS EVERYWHERE, WHAT WILL i DO ???

Start off my getting your Mage, walk it right upto the 1st Red Mage and Nuke it. End Turn. Nuke 2nd Mage. End Turn. Nuke 3rd Mage. End Turn, Now you have NO enemies near the bottom of thre map, so start pulling out some Heavy Knights and place them along the bottom of the map so they reach the strip of panels WITHOUT no lifting panels (where the 1st Red Mage was standing). Now make a large Tower of Heave Knight, with your Mage on the top, so that the bottom Heavy Knight is standing where the original Red Mage was standing. The Heavy Knight can throw 8 squares, which will get you over the large gap to the other side where another Red Mage was originally standing, second throw gets your tower 5 squares to the end of the platform, the last panel before you land on No Lifting panels again, Next throw is 2 spaces south so you are on another platform, next throw gets you next to the No Lifting panel. Now destroy the No Lifting symbol and end your turn. (I had 3 Heavy Knights and my Mage on this platform at the end of the turn). Reform your Tower with the Mage on top and throw it around to the +20% Damage symbol. With full range and a 7th Spell formation you should be able to nuke the x3 enemy boost symbol from there. Otherwise you can throw the +20% damage panel onto the field with the red panels and wait your turns until they die, or get a Heavy Knight to pick up the Mage and throw it onto the platform with the x3 Enemy Bonus symbol and destroy it.

It really isnt that hard to do ..............

But pls, do EVERYONE a bloody fav and STOP PLAYING THIS GAME cause all u r is a whiny lil twot !!!!!!!!!!!!11

User Info: Prometheusx303

11 years ago#4
Harsh words, Coryne, harsh words.

The Heavy Knight can throw 8 squares

Six (6) spaces. And Avalanche Wong, Coryney just made a typo, so don't start flaming him for it or anything of the sort, not that you would.
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