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User Info: Bloodbane_zero

11 years ago#1
Hi guys

I just wanted to know if hunting pirates is supposed to take so much time and be so frustrating as it is currently being for me...

You see, right now I have 15 pieces of map... I found the first 3 pieces of maps just doing random things in item world and the other 12 in a single trip getting some felonies after the main game. Then I was thinking "wow it isn't that hard eh, the only one left is this animal pirate and then it is over", but it turned out that it was not that easy =/
I'm already searching the animal pirate for like 15 or 20 hours and still no sign of it and i'm just searching for them between the floors 21 ~ 39 to avoid the other pirates that might pop up!

so anyone out there encountered the same problem with this pirate or another one? also any help finding these dudes would be greatly appreciated, even some superstition would do lol

/end rant

User Info: Carpetpeer

11 years ago#2
It doesn't take that long as long as you're doing other stuff you need to do to prepare for LoC, such as getting felonies, stealing r39s, leveling r39s to 99, etc.. But really I finished collecting the maps far before I was strong enough to really do anything in LoC.

One strategy though is to save at the beginning of a floor where a pirate can spawn and go through to the end of that span, if you don't get the pirate then reload and try again till you do. So if you're looking for a pirate that only spawns on the 21+ floor you don't have to waste time getting past the first 20 floors on a whole new item each time, and while the pirate can still spawn after level 40 it'll have more competition from other pirates that may spawn.

User Info: G_Spot_Finder

11 years ago#3
Ya, it is supposed to be frustrating if the one left is one of the rare pirates.

Through hunting, I found the most common Pirates are Ambling, Bashful, Wealthy, Prinny, and Monk. Then I think Hunter and Dancing. After that, I found the rest to be extremely rare.

My last two pieces were held by Orc Pirates and my last one was, like you, Animal. It took me about 7 hours to get them. I kept getting very unlucky. Oddly enough, the animal pirates showed up the one time I sent my prinny out. It might be coincidence, but when I had a female out the orc pirates showed up, and when my prinny was out the animal pirates showed up. I think, though can't prove, that what characters you have out might influence the chances of the rares to show up, although not by a huge amounts.

But yea, unless you were lucky to encounter the orc, animal, and other rarer pirates early on, the last few should take an eternity, given the odds of things. I'm just glad that I was strong enough to kill the Z Pirate at my level of 350 when he showed up at level 1650 and no skills.
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User Info: tyhm000

11 years ago#4

Jolly took forever on mine. But like they say here - figure out the minimum level they Could appear at, and keep going through those 10-20 levels (so you don't let other pirates in). For me, that meant doing level 20-30, restarting, and doing it again.

Incidentally, don't try and powerlevel at the same time.

User Info: holyknight14

11 years ago#5
I kill the Ambling Pirates everytime they show up out of hatred
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