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User Info: Vilacard

11 years ago#1
Does armsmaster effect the rate at which spells are leveled? If not, is there any way to level them faster other than casting them for 10 XP each?
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User Info: Prometheusx303

11 years ago#2
There's a specialists section in the sticky. Speaking of the sticky...Please request it to be un-stickied. I have already posted the new version, so please request that to be stickied as well.

Armsmasters boost weapon exp gain. Mentors boost skill exp gain. Both are capped at 300.

User Info: Coryney

11 years ago#3
Prometheus meant to say Armsmasters are capped at 1900 while Mentors are capped at 300

User Info: Prometheusx303

11 years ago#4
Yeah, I did. I was just going to bed when I posted that.
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